4 thoughts on “How to Remove that Guest User Account from Your Mac or Macbook

  1. Thank you! for having this information to find, so we know how to fix these problems

  2. OK… I just tested this on 2 iMacs one from 2012 and one from 2009 both running Mac OS 10.13. The true culprit here is whether “root user” is enabled or disabled.Here is how to check and disable root user if necessary. Go to the users & groups pref pane and unlock it with an admin password. Click on “login options” in that pane. Click the edit or join button a dropdown will appear, click on the Open Directory Utility button. That takes you to the Directory Utility pref panel and you need to unlock that with an admin password. Once that is unlocked from the Directory Utility Menu Bar at the top of screen select edit. If you see “Disable Root User” click on that and it will change to “enable root user” meaning the root user is not logged onto the system.Back track your steps and relock each pref.pane. In Users and Groups you should have already turned off Guest User. Double check that the Guest User check boxes are still unchecked and now the selection for Guest User should be completely grey.Go ahead and log off your user id under the Apple Menu and the resulting action should bring a login screen with the primary login name and password ONLY.

    When Root User is enabled your login screens will always have an “Other” login showing. Root user should only be active under special circumstances. Keep it disabled as the norm.

    1. Mine doesn’t have a ‘Disable Root User” when I get there. What now, please?

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