Another Man Sentenced to Jail Time for Posting Threats on Facebook

Another person, this time Reece Elliot from England, has found themselves in jail over things they have said, and specifically threats they have made, on Facebook.


It was only a few days ago that we told you about Justin Carter, the Texas teen who is sitting in jail for making joke threats, directed at no specific person, on Facebook. Now twenty-four year old Reece Elliot is in jail in England for threatening 200 children an ocean away, in Tennessee.

Elliott, a father, posted the threat to kill 200 school children in Warren County, Tennessee, on the public timeline of a Facebook page that was created to pay tribute to two U.S. teenagers who had died in car accidents.

Then he sent “grossly offensive” private messages to people who complained, including a message to a 15-year old girl saying “You have been chosen tomorrow at school to receive one of my bullets.”

Because Elliot plead guilty, and, the judge indicated, showed “clear remorse”, he was sentenced to only 2 years and 2 months in jail.

To be clear, these were much more specific messages, targetting specific victims, than was what Justin Carter had said.

But the lesson from these two tales, from two different countries, is the same: don’t post threats, even in jest, on Facebook, unless you are looking to put yourself behind bars.

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