You Can Own a Lamborghini for Just $6000 – a Lamborghini Cell Phone that is

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This week at CES, Tonino Lamborghini debuted the Lamborghini cell phone. The $6k price tag for the Lambo 88 Tauri mobile phone from Tonino, the son of the famed auto maker Ferrucio Lamborghini, basically gets you a tarted-up Android phone, and the Lamborghini emblem on your phone.

The Lamborghini phone comes in three colours of stainless steel case (silver, black, or gold-plated), and is clad in a calfskin case (your choice of five colours). The phone’s five-inch display is made from, they claim, the same shatterproof glass that is used in a Lamborghini windshield.

lamborghini cellphone colors


However, says Tom’s Hardware in their review of the Lamborhini phone, “Despite the premium materials, it doesn’t feel as luxurious as we’d like for its price… The 88 Tauri looks like a phone that’s trying too hard to be different. Rather than looking sporty, it looks a bit garish due to the unnecessary riveted grip panels and speaker grille on the back, along with the tapered sides on each corner and angled cuts to the camera accent panel shown above.”

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You Can Own a Lamborghini for Just 00 – a Lamborghini Cell Phone that is

lamborghini cell phone back

Tom’s Hardware does go on to say that despite their disappointment with the Lamborghini phone, it’s a premium, well-made phone.

It darned well better be, at $6000. Just to put it in perspective, you could buy 10 Samsung Galaxy S5s and still have change left over. And have the most current version of Android! (The Lamborghini phone has only the penultimate version of Android, KitKat.)

You can find out more about the Lamborghini cell phone at Lamborghini, which carries this disclaimer:

“Please consider that Mr Lamborghini, his companies and business are not linked to the car company Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.. The car company was founded by Tonino’s father, Ferruccio Lamborghini, in 1963 and today belongs to the AUDI-VW AG Group. Please do not use any pictures of Lamborghini cars when referring to Mr Tonino Lamborghini’s business. Thank you.”

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You Can Own a Lamborghini for Just 00 – a Lamborghini Cell Phone that is

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If you find this useful please share it!

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  1. I am from India loving so much the name Lamborghini. I know it’s a dream for me but I want to connect me with the Royal name which is a respective brand in Auto manufacturer field.
    Best regards,
    Sanjay Kumar

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