Wondering what the Heck LGBTTIQQ2SA Stand For? Here’s What it Means

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With this past week’s Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v Hodges, creating a national right to gay marriage, and the ensuing pride fests, you can’t miss the coverage on the Internet, some of which includes the acronym LGBTTIQQ2SA. Lots of people are familiar with the LGBT acronym, but LGBTTIQQ2SA?? Here’s what it means.

First, we have to say up front that the Internet Patrol is not here to get into the political or personal questions around these issues. We are simply here to educate, and in this case to educate about what LGBTTIQQ2SA means.

An example of a news report using the LGBTTIQQ2SA acronym is this report from the University of Toronto’s Varsity newspaper, explaining why Pride Toronto declined to let the CAFE men’s rights organization participate in their pride event:

I must give the complaints of members of the LGBTTIQQ2SA community precedence when they indicate the participation of CAFE could directly undermine the participation of queer, lesbian and trans women in the Pride Parade.

So just exactly what does LGBTTIQQ2SA stand for?

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Are you ready? Because it’s a mouthful:

LGBTTIQQ2SA stands for

Questioning (Questioning sexuality)
2-spirited (Two-spirited)
Allies (Allies of the LGBTTIQQ2SA community)

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4 thoughts on “Wondering what the Heck LGBTTIQQ2SA Stand For? Here’s What it Means

  1. R, how are asexual people being oppressed? It’s not like they’re being denied the right to marry or anything.

  2. Ah, the good old days, when there were only four letters to keep straight. Even then I could never remember if the B came before or after the T.


  3. No, the A does NOT stand for ‘Allies’, it stands for ‘Asexual’. You’re perpetuating a long-standing misconception that hurts and marginalises asexual people even more than they are already.

    Do some research. (Start with AVEN.) And never dare suggest that allies deserve more of a place in the ‘community’ than people who are ACTUALLY oppressed due to their orientation.

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