What is a Selfie Stick, and Do You Need One?

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Have you heard that ‘selfie sticks’ are all the rage? What? You don’t know what a selfie stick is? We explain what a selfie stick is, and why you need one (or not).

In earlier times, the selfie stick was better-known as a type of monopod. In other words, a camera (or in this case smartphone) tripod that has only one leg (hence mono- rather than tri-).

With the selfie phenomenon, people found that that their selfie picture taking was limited by the length of their arms. This led to awkward angles when taking pictures of oneself, or not enough of oneself in the picture, particularly if one is not endowed with long arms.


Enter the monopod, now redefined as a “selfie stick”.

By strapping a selfie stick on, one can compensate for the inadequacy in the length of your arms.

selfie stick

Of course, we think that this detracts from the unique charm of the selfie, which almost by definition should look too close up, and awkward.

Still, there are a lot of people out there who use selfie sticks, and judging by the reviews on Amazon, they find it an indespensible tool for their craft.

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What is a Selfie Stick, and Do You Need One?

“This stick is very sturdy,” says one review. “It has a grip at the end so the stick doesn’t slide out of your hand. It’s simple to use. Place your phone in the holder, set it to the right positions then just set your timer in your camera settings on your phone and your ready to go! This is great for traveling. It comes in a zip lock type bag for easy storage.”

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“The most fun I have had with my iPhone since it was new,” says another.

So, do you need a selfie stick? Well, if you are reach-challenged by the length of your arms, and want a more enjoyable (or less awkward) selfie experience, then perhaps a selfie stick is for you. If so, you can order a selfie stick on Amazon hereWhat is a Selfie Stick, and Do You Need One?.

Just don’t use it to take a tiger selfie or a naked selfie (or, if you do, well, you’ve been forewarned).

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What is a Selfie Stick, and Do You Need One?

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