Online Startup Plans Surprise Weekend Get-Aways for You – All You Have to do is Show Up

Want to plan a weekend get-away but on a tight budget? Not sure just what sort of travel vacation you can have on a 3-day weekend? Does a short surprise vacation sound fun? Then online startup Pack Up + Go may be just the ticket! Pack Up and Go will plan your weekend trips for you, and even keep it a secret to surprise you! All you have to do is pay and show up!

Netflix Purity Commitment Ring Keeps Partners from Binge Watching without the Other

Apparently some folks in the UK have bigger problems than breaking up with the EU on their minds. UK ice cream maker Cornetto has come up with Netflix “commitment rings”, to keep partners from binge watching their favourite shows unless they are together, so that one can’t commit Netflix adultery on the other. Yes, really. Because, says Cornetto, “Love should last longer than one season.”

Is World War Goat Coming?

We’ve all been told not to believe everything that we read on the internet. (The exception being this site of course!) But after a newspaper in the UK had to run a correction about a possible human vs. goat war, maybe we shouldn’t put much stock in newspapers either. Apparently World War Goat isn’t coming soon, or at least as far as we know.

New Bluetooth Internet Toothbrush

A hot item at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been the Internet toothbrush. Both the Kolibree and the Beam Brush bluetooth toothbrush are connected to the Internet, and report back on just how well you are brushing your teeth. We can only assume that the next new thing in Internet toothbrushes will be a mouthcam.

The AutoPen Explained – It Has a Long History, Obama is Just the Most Recent High Profile Person to Use One

If you heard that President Obama signed the bill extending the Patriot Act using an autopen while he was sitting in France and the bill for the extension of the Patriot Act was in Washington, D.C., you may be wondering “Just what is an autopen?” An auto pen is, quite literally, an auto pen – an automated pen (versus an automatic pen) that automatically replicates, in a remote location, the signature or other writing of the person who is holding it. Other versions can store the user’s signature, and so replicate it on demand (sort of a compromise between using a rubber stamp, and the person personally signing it); it was of the use of one of these signature-storing machine which President Obama authorized, as he was stuck in Europe at the G8 Summit, and the bill was set to expire last night.