TMobile MyFaves – Free Calls to Any 5 People, Even if Not on TMobile!

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The new T-Mobile MyFaves (as in “My Favorites”) service allows you to have unlimited calls with any 5 numbers you designate – get this – even if they are not on the Tmobile network. That’s pretty cool. Similar to the My Circle plan from Alltel, the TMobile MyFaves plan is much less expensive.

There are, of course, some restrictions to the TMobile MyFaves service. For example, the numbers must be U.S.-based, not international. And it doesn’t include text messages, or data sends (such as sending a picture). Plus, it works only with actual cell phones, not on handheld devices such as the Blackberry or Sidekick.

Still, if you have someone (or 5 someones) who is out of network for you, and with whom you talk a lot via cell phone, the T-Mobile MyFaves plan may be a great thing for you!

If you want more information, you can get it at the T-Mobile MyFaves FAQ.

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3 thoughts on “TMobile MyFaves – Free Calls to Any 5 People, Even if Not on TMobile!

  1. hello people
    i live in ireland
    and i have a sidekick lx and i would like to be able to use the internet,e-mail and i.m on it does anyone know what i could do to use these features email me colinmail4 at

  2. wrong. you CAN use this service on blackberries. also, blackberries ARE actual cellular phones. wy you distinguish between a “handheld” and a “cellular phone” is beyond me. A handheld is simply another term used for a cellular phone (i.e. a cell phone can be held in the hand).

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