Amazon 3D Smartphone to Be Announced June 18

A new device is coming to Amazon on June 18th, and while Amazon is playing coy about it to build buzz, most in the know say that it will be the long-awaited Amazon Smartphone. Indeed, Amazon’s own buzz builder teases the edge of a device that looks decidedly smartphonish. And it won’t be just any smartphone, but an Amazon 3D smartphone.

amazon smartphone june 18

“Wait,” you say, “did you say an Amazon 3D Smartphone?”

Yes, we did. Because by all accounts the single most differentiating factor between the Amazon Smartphone, which will almost certainly be a heavily customized Android device, much like their current lineup of Kindles, will be its 3Dness.

amazon 3d smartphone

According to perhaps the most Amazon-knowledgeable of sources, BGR (which stands for the Boy Genius Report), “The most novel aspect of Amazon’s upcoming smartphone is its 3D software interface and the hardware mechanism that enables it. Our sources state that the new Amazon phone includes a total of six cameras. … The result is a 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses…”

While it isn’t yet publicly known what arrangements will be made with which carriers, there is rumour that there may be an arrangement with AT&T, utilizing a “sponsored” data plan, which means that if you stream something from the sponsor (Amazon) it won’t count against your regular data plan.

If you happen to be in the Seattle area, or will be on June 18th, and especially if you are a journalist or developer (but even if you aren’t) you can request an invitation to the Amazon smartphone launch event here.

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Amazon 3D Smartphone to Be Announced June 18
Article Name
Amazon 3D Smartphone to Be Announced June 18
It's almost certain that Amazon will be announcing its Amazon 3D smartphone on June 18th.

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