Full Transcript of YouTube Video of Racist Stripper Janelle Ambrosia

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Oh, he knows the cops? How many cops have I stripped for?

Stripper Janelle Ambrosia, the unwitting star of the video “Blatant Racism in Cheektowaga NY”, showed off more than her stuff, demonstrating a stunning cluelessness about how to behave in front of your children, or while in the midst of a custody dispute, or..while being filmed. It wasn’t bad enough that she knowingly screamed racial epithets at the fellow, who goes by “IAMOYAB” online, while he was filming her, but she taunted him to put it on YouTube.

And, no surprise, he did.

Now it seems that Ambrosia has a lot of backpedaling to do, as, according to reports, her ex-husband is looking to use the video in their.. wait for it, custody case.

janelle ambrosia
Racist Cheektowaga Stripper Janelle Ambrosia

The YouTube video “Blatant Racism in Cheektowaga NY” has garnered more than 1,200,000 views in the fewer than 24 hours that it has been up, but of course the views that will matter most can be counted on one hand: Ambrosia’s ex-husband, his lawyer, the judge, and possibly a social worker or two.

In trying to do damage control, Janelle Ambrosia told a Buffalo radio station that her use of the word “nigger” had nothing to do with race – that it meant “an ignorant person.”

Said Ambrosia, “I’m not a racist. I have a black cousin.”

In a later, prepared statement, Ambrosia explained “I have been under my doctor’s care for mental health issues and was in the process of changing my medication.”

Not really digging yourself out of your hole there, are you Janelle?

Below are both the video, and the full transcript of IAMOYAB’s Blatant Racism in Cheektowaga NY. It should be noted that throughout this exchange, IAMOYAB stayed remarkably, admirably calm.

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We especially like the part where Ambrosia taunts IAMOYAB, telling him to go ahead and try to involve the cops, it will be to no avail because she has stripped for so many of them.

All of this in front of her kids.

It will be interesting to see whether this video actually has any impact on her ex-husband’s custody case. Although it may not quite as much as Janelle Ambrosia’s 2012 DUI.

janelle ambrosia dui dwi
Janelle Ambrosia DWI from the Niagara Gazette Police Blotter section – July, 2012

Remember, kids, it’s all online. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical. The days of having a private life are a fond memory only.


IAMOYAB: I have her on tape calling me racist comments – calling me a nigger in front of her kids

Janelle Ambrosia: You scared my children

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Full Transcript of YouTube Video of Racist Stripper Janelle Ambrosia

IAMOYAB: Well there’s cameras out here, and uh we’ll see – because we’ll definitely be filing charges. Please call the cops…

Janelle Ambroia: Please do

IAMOYAB: ..please…got everything on tape…your voice too…calling me a nigger..if that’s how you feel. You might as well go take care of your kids, don’t worry about me.

JA: I know where my kids are

IAMOYAB: That’s good

JA: (talking to kid) Don’t touch. (Cellphone to ear) I’m getting your father down here

IAMOYAB: Please do

(kid in background) Daddy!

JA: (over shoulder to IAMOYAB) He don’t like black people either


JA: Good

IAMOYAB: (to camera) Racism alive and well, amazing

JA: It sure is, it’s disgusting what black people got it to

IAMOYAB: Really?

JA: Really

IAMOYAB: You call me a nigger and I’m just supposed to sit back, huh?

JA: You scared the shit outta my kids

IAMOYAB: (again) You call me a nigger and I’m just supposed to sit back

JA: Sure did, you scared the shit outta my kids

IAMOYAB: By starting my car?

JA: So fucking loud

IAMOYAB: (again) By starting my car?

JA: (again) So fucking loud

IAMOYAB: (laughs) Amazing

JA: So fucking loud

IAMOYAB: Wow, you got your kids cursing at me too, huh?

JA: Don’t talk to my kids

IAMOYAB: Wow, this is amazing

JA: (screaming) Do not talk to my kids! (to husband on phone) Hello? (to person on phone, while walking towards IAMOYAB) talk to this fucking nigger right now. He’s telling me he’s video recording me, he scared the shit out of Anthony by starting the car, he wanted to run his mouth talking about me being a trampy mother, fucking (unintelligible) talking to him now. He’s got me on video tape but I’m still flipping the fuck out.

IAMOYAB: You called me a nigger

JA: I called you a nigger. You’re a nig-GRR. NASTY… FUCKING… NIGGER.

IAMOYAB: (calmly) Ok. You might want to get your

JA: (cuts IAMOYAB off by loudly talking to husband on phone) …because he’s a loser! That’s why. He thinks he’s going to get something out of …

IAMOYAB: Oh no, no we’re..I don’t..I don’t sue people.

JA: (to husband on phone) Oh, he knows the cops? How many cops have I stripped for? (to IAMOYAB) You ain’t getting far, bitch.


JA: (to husband on phone) Tell him, dude. You will fucking kill him. Don’t even fucking..I’m telling you right now…

IAMOYAB: (calmly) That’s very, very good.

JA: I will fucking yank his ass out of the car

IAMOYAB: Please do

JA: I dunno, because he wants to put it on YouTube? Try and act hard because I called him a racist? Because he’s a racist, ignorant nigger? (listens to phone) And tell him what? That he’s a racist fucking nigger?

JA: (to IAMOYAB) Alright, you’re done. My lawyer’s involved.

IAMOYAB: Good, thanks.

JA: Wait here, my husband’s coming.

IAMOYAB: Ok. Sure.

JA: (to phone) Hello? I told him you’re coming, you’re whipping his fucking ass.

JA: (screaming) GET THE VIDEO OFF MY KIDS..NOW! OR I WILL FUCKING BREAK IT (to phone) I’m gonna whip my coffee at him if its not…

IAMOYAB: Go ahead (puts window up)

JA: (muffled through window) …my kids… I’m gonna… my coffee at him …what? Put it on fucking YouTube… fucking nasty nigger. (walking away)… calls me a bad fucking mother? (walks off)

IAMOYAB: (to camera) Racism is alive and well, I tell ya, alive and well. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. But this is where we live at. This is exactly where we live, and what goes on. I start my car, she calls me a nigger. Amazing.

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Full Transcript of YouTube Video of Racist Stripper Janelle Ambrosia

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