Wondering What a Pancake Braid Is or What Pancaking Braids Is? We Explain

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If you’ve been seeing the term “pancaking” all over the Internet, you may be wondering what it is. No, it’s not some new sex position; rather it’s probably referring to braid pancaking, or a pancake braid. But, that probably doesn’t really clear it up for you, does it? So here is what it means when someone says that they are pancaking braids, and what a pancake braid is.

Basically, it’s when you take braided hair, and you gently pull and tug at the edges to make it flat (get it? Like a pancake.) This makes the braid look fuller and larger which is, apparently, a look that is in right now.

The nice thing about this, in addition to how easy it is, is that you can dress them up, or dress them down. Pancake braids can be casual, but can also be used to create a sophisticated look, in fact often even more so than regular braids.

And, you can wear pancake braids on their own, or incorporated into another hair style.

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There are all sorts of online tutorials on how to do pancake braids. A couple of our favourites are at:

Cute Girl Hairstyles

[Page no longer available – we have linked to the archive.org version instead]

Of course, this is such an easy concept, that you probably don’t even need a tutorial. Just Google images of braid pancaking, look at a few, and try it yourself!

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