How the Internet can Help the Injured, Burned, and Orphaned Wildlife in Australia

We’ve all heard about and seen the devastation in Australia resulting from the wildfire bushfires. Estimates are that more than 1 billion animals have lost their lives. Veterinarians for Compassion (a/k/a Vets for Compassion) now has vets on the ground, ministering to the injured, burned, and orphaned wildlife as a result of the wildfires. Here’s how you can help.

Digital Nudging – Like Dark Patterns Only More Polite

Move over, dark patterns, you’re being.. er.. nudged out by digital nudging. What is digital nudging? Well, you get a digital nudge any time you use a digital platform and, where you have a choice to make, the ‘right’ or ‘correct’ choice is made the easiest to choose, or the most attractive. Of course, right and correct are in the eyes of the marketer or website providing the nudge, not the consumer.

The Mueller Report Online – Full Text of the Mueller Report Including Conclusions

As a public service, as many do not have the ability to or know how to navigate the Internet to find such documents, the Internet Patrol is providing access to the full text of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Even this public version, while heavily redacted, is still an historic moment in our democracy. Here is the full text of the Mueller Report.

What is the Florida Man Challenge and How Did the Florida Man Challenge Get Started?

You may recently have heard about the ‘Florida Man Challenge’ – where you Google the phrase ‘florida man’ followed by the date of your birthday. Or maybe you saw a friend post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or elsewhere. And now you are wondering what it is and how the Florida Man Challenge got started. Here are the answers to the questions that you have about Florida Man, and the Florida Man Challenge.