Charlottesville Incident Gives Rise to Social Media Mobs and Online Justice

No matter where your sympathies lie, nobody can deny that the events in Charlottesville on Saturday were tragic. As tensions that have been simmering for months erupted to a full boil this past weekend, opposing forces have been rallying their respective mobs in ways that harken back to the 1950s and ’60s in this country, and even the 1860s and ’70s. But with a twist: this time the mobs have taken not just to the street, but to social media, and vigilante justice has become online vigilante justice.

The New Internet Lingo “Verbasize” and What it Means

The Internet has sponsored a new self-referential verb: to ‘verbasize’ something. The much more official, and dare we even say accurate, term for changing a noun into a verb is ‘verbing’. You may also recognize the phenomena as something being ‘verbed’, or to ‘verbify’ something (that act being the verbification of a noun), but at least some part of the Internet is now calling it ‘verbasize’.

Just What is a ‘4 Leaf Clover Candidate’? We Explain

The terms ‘4 leaf clover candidate’ and ‘four leaf clover candidate’ have been cropping up on the Internet, but an explanation of just what exactly is a 4-leaf clover candidate is even more impossible to find than an actual four-leaved clover! Does it mean that the candidate is lucky, maybe even charmed? Or is it another term for a unicorn candidate – i.e. one that is so wonderful as to be nearly mythical? We explain.

Hoaxy Lets You Track the Spread of Misinformation and How Often it was Fact-Checked

A new web-based service allows you to track the spread of specific misinformation (i.e. false news) on Twitter and Facebook, as well as checking how many times it was actually fact-checked by people to see if it know… true.. before passing it along. The service, called Hoaxy, is the brainchild of a team out of Indiana University’s Network Science Institute (IUNI), in conjunction with Indiana U’s Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS).

Washington Post Columnist Suzi Parker Erroneously Reports Satirical Story About Sarah Palin Taking Host Position with Al Jazeera

The hashtag #SuziParkerScoops is swirling around Twitter in response to Washington Post columnist Suzi Parker reporting that Sarah Palin will be the new host for the Al Jazeera America channel. To be clear, Sarah Palin is not the new host. It was just last month that a satirical article from the Onion named North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un the Sexiest Man Alive for 2012, causing Asian media to report the story as if it were real.

What the Melania Trump Website Looked Like and Said Before it was Taken Down

Melania Trump’s website was taken down yesterday, over questions about her claim to have obtained a college degree in design and architecture from the University of Slovenia. now forwards to the primary Donald Trump website. But because everything on the Internet persists, and because Mrs. Trump is a public figure, we can show you exactly what that site looked like, and what it said. Here’s what Mrs. Trump website looked like, and what it said, before it was taken down.

Smartphones + Mobile Apps + Adaptive Workforce = Gig Economy

Are you part of the new so-called ‘gig economy’? If you don’t know what the gig economy is, probably not, but even if not, you almost certainly know someone who is. According to recent statistics, 16% of the American workforce is working in the gig economy – that’s nearly 1 in 5 people. And at least one pundit factors smartphones and mobile apps into why the gig economy is growing.