Hacktivist Group Anonymous Takes Action as Revenge Porn Peddler, Hunter Moore Plans to Reopen Website that Allows Users to Upload Naked Pictures of Others, with Published Personal Addresses

Hunter Moore, the guy who invented revenge porn, is at it again and this time Internet hacktivist group Anonymous, specifically Kentucky Anonymous (@kyanonymous), has vowed to not let him get away with it in a campaign they’ve dubbed “Operation Hunt Hunter,” or, #OpHuntHunter. Despite the fact that he sold his original revenge porn website IsAnyoneUp.com, where users could submit naked pictures of others without consent, to an anti-bullying organization, and wrote what appeared to be a heartfelt letter apologizing for the mayhem his site caused, he told BetaBeat.com, “I literally had a half pound of cocaine on a fucking table with like 16 of my friends and we were busting up laughing taking turns writing this stupid letter.”

Wickr Self Destructing Messaging App Allows You to Set a Time for Timed Automatic Deleting of Messages

The Wickr self-destructing message app (pronounced “Wicker”) gives you complete messaging security. This is because you can set your messages to self-destruct after a certain time, assuring that your privacy is protected. Wickr works with both email and text messages, and the intention is that the self-destructing Wickr message app will also be able to be used with services like Twitter and Facebook, one day.

Facebook ‘Profiles for Couples’ Initiative Believes Couples Should Have Shared Facebook Profiles

The new Facebook “Profiles for Couples” movement is quietly growing on Facebook. If you feel that your shared Snuggie or email address does not make you and your significant other enough of an amorphous couple blob, never fear, there is a group of co-dependant couples aiming to create shared Facebook pages. Because nothing says “healthy relationship” quite as much as a lack of personal identity.

Iran Creates Internal Internet for Iranian citizens, Blocks Gmail, Google, and, Eventually, Maybe Even the World Wide Web

The Iranian government has blocked Gmail and Google until further notice. In an announcement, that included sending a notice to citizens via text message, government officials stated that the services would be filtered, and indeed it appears that, while Google is accessible, it doesn’t actually work for searching purposes.

How Will Mother Jones Internet Videos of Mitt Romney Insulting the 47% Affect the 2012 Elections? (Includes Full Video!)

Mother Jones has released Internet video that some are saying are pretty damning for the Romney campaign. Between insulting 47% of Americans as being lazy, entitled victims living off the government, and saying that he thinks that Palestinians aren’t interested in peace and so Romney himself is not that concerned about a middle east peace process, all in his own voice, on video, it’s hard to see how he can recover from this. Is this the sign of a new era of Internet video having the power to change entire presidential campaigns? (See the full video below!)

Socialcam Quickly Outshining YouTube in Eyes of Mobile Users

It is being hailed the “Instagram of Video” and, much like Instagram, has taken off like wildfire in the mobile and social media communities. Socialcam, a free video-sharing app, is quickly becoming a worthy adversary for YouTube on account of the fact that it is strictly a mobile app, and is tailored to be such. Many complain that uploading videos to YouTube from their phones is kind of a pain and being able to do so is a mere side product of YouTube’s focus on a computer-based user experience.

“Take This Lollipop” – What it Is, and Why You Should Watch It

“Take This Lollipop”, the creepy Facebook tour through your personal information, is an excellent example of something we have been trying to pound into your heads all along: putting personal information on the Internet (such as location based check ins) can be dangerous. More to the point: most people have no idea how much personal information they really have revealed online, and how easy it is to track them down, stalking them, and worse. “Take this Lollipop” is technically a Facebook app, which is how (and why) it asks for you to log in using Facebook Connect, something that we also advise against.

Post Office Advertisement Says Snail Mail Safer Than Email

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is in deep financial trouble, in large part due to the advent of email, and online bill paying and other services. Now, in what can only be described as the Post Office taking a page from election year partisan smear campaigns, the USPS is attacking the Internet as dangerous and unreliable, and touting postal mail as safe and good for business. “A refrigerator has never been hacked,” starts the television advertisement, which is primarily aimed at businesses.

Cisco Discontinues Flip Camera, But Flip Cameras Still Available for Purchase

Barely two years ago, networking giant Cisco purchased the Flip video camera (by buying Pure Digital, the makers of the Flip camera) and folded the Flip USB video camera business into the Cisco brand. This week Cisco has announced that they are killing the division, and killing the Flip camera, and a lot of people are pretty unhappy about it. Fortunately, the Flip camera is still available for purchase (links below); unfortunately, it won’t be supported. On the other hand, the Flip camera is so darned simple and straight-forward, it doesn’t need a whole lot of support.

Customers Leave GoDaddy in Droves as CEO Bob Parsons Flaunts Killing Elephant, Defends Elephant Video and Leopard Kills

Usually it’s the feminists who are outraged by the actions of GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, but this time he’s raised the ire of the animal rights activists, including (but by no means limited to) PETA (which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). It’s not hard to understand – in this day and age people are more likely than not to be upset by the killing of an elephant, let alone by the braggadocio posting of a video of the deed. And despite the timing, the GoDaddy elephant video is no April Fool’s joke – it’s all too real.