Socialcam Quickly Outshining YouTube in Eyes of Mobile Users

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It is being hailed the “Instagram of Video” and, much like Instagram, has taken off like wildfire in the mobile and social media communities. Socialcam, a free video-sharing app, is quickly becoming a worthy adversary for YouTube on account of the fact that it is strictly a mobile app, and is tailored to be such. Many complain that uploading videos to YouTube from their phones is kind of a pain and being able to do so is a mere side product of YouTube’s focus on a computer-based user experience.

With Socialcam, users simply need to shoot video from their phones and then upload the completed footage straight Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even YouTube. The fun part about Social Cam is the fact that users can edit the video right from their phone – adding filters and music to the footage before uploading it. Further, YouTube requires users to first upload their video directly to YouTube, and from there it can be pushed to social media. Users have quickly taken to the fact that they can directly upload their video to their Facebook and Twitter pages, rather than having to deal with the middleman.

Socialcam has not come without its downfalls, mainly its initial means of garnering new users. In the beginning many users felt that the app was too zealous in recruiting the Facebook friends, Twitter followers and personal contacts of its users in order to get them to opt in to the app. Also, some are off-put by the app’s relentless notification to which users are automatically opted in. That means that, unless you opt out, you will be notified for just about anything, including anytime someone follows you, comments on your video, and even just watches your video.

Still, those annoying features are not enough to stop Socialcam from quickly becoming a favorite in the app store, as evidenced by the fact that entertainment software company Autodesk purchased the start-up for a cool $60 million just this month.

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