Lenovo is First to Announce the new ‘Table PC’ Concept – a Touch Screen Table

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PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd. has introduced the table PC, a 27-inch table computer that allows users to play boardgames, with the screen responding to up to ten fingers at the same time. Users can stick the 27-inch screen device on top of any table, or create a touch screen table with the optional coffee table that fits the device, and features sliding glass panels to cover the device when you are through playing board games.

Of course, with a $1,700 pricetag, it is significantly cheaper to spend $20 on a board game that you can touch.
The device is about the size of eight iPads layed down side-by-side, and weighs 15 pounds. It can play all types of games such as Monopoly, or even air hockey with specialized paddles to which the device responds. It also includes a type of dice that the device can read whether it has been rolled on the device, or even just near it. There are also joysticks that attach right to the screen so that users can feel like they are playing old-school Atari.

In a video, CNET demonstrated the new Table PC, showing off its ability to rotate through photos and video, getting rid of everything on the screen by spreading out all five fingers, and then getting it back by squeezing all five fingers back together.

This isn’t the first time a huge table PC has been released, with Microsoft and Sony having both released similar devices. But with Microsoft’s being geared towards commercial use, and Sony’s being considerably smaller, it seems that Lenovo’s device is a worthy contender in the table PC world. But it is still yet to be seen how it will measure up to regular-sized tablets such as the Apple iPad or Google Nexus, which offer mobility and affordability. The Table PC will be available for purchase this summer, but if you simply cannot wait, Apple iPad’s start at $399 and you can score board games at Target from $20.

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