Review of the New MySpace: Better Than Pandora, Nothing Like Facebook, Pinterest or Even the Old MySpace!

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The social media world is buzzing with opinions about the new Myspace now that they have released the new version. Ever since it was announced that Justin Timberlake was one of the new partners involved in reviving the dead social media site, the Internet has been flooded with speculations as to how the newly revamped site will compare with Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Songza and, of course, how it compares with the old Myspace.

Myspace was originally created in 2003 when employees of eUniverse who were using Friendster saw its social networking possibilities. Within 10 days of deciding to launch their own site that featured some of Friendster’s best social networking aspects, the first version of Myspace was ready to launch. By 2005, music had been heavily incorporated into the mix, which made the direction of the newest version of Myspace seem like a natural one.

Now that it is here and we’ve had time to play around with it, we can definitively say that it is nothing like its old self. It is also nothing like Pinterest or Facebook. Sure users have their own profile and can upload photos and a bio, but it appears that they are aiming to be a better version of Pandora and Songza. Focus is directed towards music and discovering what you and your friends love. But we will warn you: it is confusing. While the new Myspace is sure pretty to look at, it it is not user-friendly or very intuitive, so if you want to give it a try, be prepared to invest a little time.

Here is a run down of some of the features:

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Upon logging in, you will find the page to get started:

Once you find your favorite artist, click on their picture and get access to their announcements, pictures, videos and music:

You can explore new artists:

You get your own home page:

Myspace will recommend artists to connect with:

And all you have to do is hover over the picture and click the link that appears:

You can browse music by soundtrack (note: you will be scrolling horizontally, not vertically):

You can still update a status:

You can choose your favorite artists and make a customized playlist:

You can search for any artist and pull up their page or albums:

You can choose your favorite artist and listen to any of their albums, or listen to their “radio station” which, much like Pandora, will play all similar music:


Myspace jumped to music soon after it died a slow and painful Facebook death, but even the first music-focused attempts were dismal. The new music-centric site is vastly improved from what it last was. Our only complaint is that they do need to make it more intuitive as it does seem a bit clustered and overwhelming. But all in all, we like where they are going with this, and it is still in beta. So yet again, Timberlake proves that anything he touches turns to gold.

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