New American Express Credit Card Identity Theft Phishing Scam

new american express credit card identity phishing scam
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A new American Express credit card identity theft phishing scam is being sent out in spam email. The subject line is “A recent charge attempt requires your attention” with a random number, so that the subject of our sample reads “A recent charge attempt requires your attention 688836786” The spam goes on to ask “did you recently use your card?”

Here’s our sample, with full headers below in case you’re into that sort of thing. Note that the actual “From” says ‘America Express’, and also the address is fake, this was not sent out through a San Diego edu account, it was sent out through MailJet.

From: America Exp????ess Subject: A recent charge attempt requires your attention 688836786


Verify Your identity

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Your Account Number Ending: *****

Dear Cardmember:

Did you recently use your card ?

To help protect your identity your access to your credit has been paused, We wanted to be sure that you had made this transaction.

See Have your card handy, Sign ln and follow the simple step, Then our intelligent security system will connect you back instantly.

Thank you for your Card Membership.

Of course, the “” link (note the ‘l’ instead of an ‘i’) is actually linked to a link (, which in turn goes to a subdomain at, in turn, was just registered a few days ago, and at the home page has only a “welcome to WordPress” splash page. Obviously the unique subdomain has a page mimicking the actual American Express home page, so that you try to log in and voila! The phisher has captured your username and password.

Hopefully if you received this, you did some research first and weren’t taken in!

Here are the full headers of that email, with the actual recipient redacted:

America Exp????ess A recent charge attempt requires your attention 688836786
Arc-Message-Signature: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=arc-20160816; h=feedback-id:list-unsubscribe:list-unsubscribe-post:date:subject:to :from:mime-version:message-id:dkim-signature:precedence:delivered-to; bh=SkjnJ4dnffmUt1eFRLHR4B3mHrsjHVKaYGUw9dSYrK0=; b=oiTyFvGo1UCdA9qXSq6px/ZaRsDUZeXUd9VfYwJTgXRqa8RgFfOWCWxgRtjjqEFWF8 zSl8XpY+61Bgdsl032+ber20K38o7crKgxziAubs8ZB/PE5eW9v8PyY2n0sq1jWcqDZY xjxjQ4E8JT4owEXMEzkYkZ9/srWNbm/kHhFkuIq4qyVkNaXPmBr3cwUhWoxWqLI0yBNS /Oh++RbI+fCVJTyKAr4WFUGxBsv2cuv+1il+As3lqbN+Vn5EOwNOlP9pOSaOoj0G8T/W pv/coArPLJfCpmHkDVtnPh9FaTzSmvVvvgRmV1rr5Nwxyra/3XEPcSHO8CxGdSDan8oh evmw==
Authentication-Results:; dkim=pass header.s=mailjet2 header.b=H372Yrl5; spf=pass ( domain of “[redacted]” designates as permitted sender) smtp.mailfrom=”[redacted]”; dmarc=fail reason=”SPF not aligned (relaxed), DKIM not aligned (relaxed)” (policy=none); arc=pass (“”)
List-Unsubscribe-Post: List-Unsubscribe=One-Click
X-Received: by 2002:a05:6870:33a5:b0:f5:febe:1b27 with SMTP id w37-20020a05687033a500b000f5febe1b27mr21605330oae.229.1657044779105; Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:12:59 -0700 (PDT)
X-Received: by 2002:ac8:5dc9:0:b0:319:6117:29c8 with SMTP id e9-20020ac85dc9000000b00319611729c8mr29988258qtx.464.1657044777040; Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:12:57 -0700 (PDT)
X-Report-Abuse-To: Message sent by Mailjet please report to with a copy of the message
X-Rspamd-Queue-Id: 265ICxXR1275534
X-Google-Dkim-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20210112; h=x-gm-message-state:delivered-to:delivered-to:precedence :dkim-signature:message-id:mime-version:from:to:subject:date :list-unsubscribe-post:list-unsubscribe:feedback-id; bh=SkjnJ4dnffmUt1eFRLHR4B3mHrsjHVKaYGUw9dSYrK0=; b=jB6qRawLXORTQGIX25in0o2sw+Bu6oN3rhCxewo+R8YZZxbyJgC7A06n/RrYibiSGg /c7gHfv5Oct8sDkoInIaHLA+8hJMwWHvE7X33SM3+GqKFqOn7l74ya3CHP8QD9riXkpe GJCO8iPUorlarHIsbV6oOZa4lhpAfG22iPyEU0MdmVptEQKCBn4ARgCnAjX815h6hZYx c8itT4+GuPprEamaKlaNu64wos+gNcekAmpV2BmHLP7rUcTkSiO+JAt3XDF4ixXU3L3c 1cH4n/Jlsj9gd6OvfwPThqJkBD+BQst1aK8mg0+vzuF3yKUOgdwtXmT3Y1dz0x3M4Vhn EMRg==
X-Gm-Message-State: AJIora/9cZnVsKzFIs7fuwNcEpq5tnBALnmbgG8Mdax7Ts/HKWJXdkzb nigSBQxSJvQP1MF00Nz7uDPzrpCmOfLkAVqtt2o/JfKYkLfMgYpbgw==
X-Mj-Smtpguid: 08766eca-cdbf-4d72-9c19-ab2885311a85
X-Google-Smtp-Source: AGRyM1v0vnB0dJRmAc5LY6ICvD7r0y0hM4fky31u/guX4Ou9KZ4Ke+KUzu49CpVMru0dPZyXIlB6
X-Cmae-Analysis: v=2.4 cv=A6ypg4aG c=1 sm=1 tr=0 ts=62c47f28 b=1 cx=a_idp_d a=A14kKIxpoMAQw//Q5Fuftw==:117 a=A14kKIxpoMAQw//Q5Fuftw==:17 a=fGYPQxYm8b8A:10 a=j1P8S1yNTQMA:10 a=6pYsxpYcewsA:10 a=x7bEGLp0ZPQA:10 a=9DvhAHx2yrWFMPxQWpQA:9 a=WsJn1VA2TvdkLhGcKLwA:9 a=QEXdDO2ut3YA:10 a=eX_U_b1SAAAA:20 a=rWRFTMSvAAAA:8 a=EO41GEpFAAAA:8 a=4we06IOLgr9hafYIVFoA:9 a=fvB4Bw8O32ALgqFV:21 a=_W_S_7VecoQA:10 a=w0uSm66vjPwA:10 a=H9UP3l6zVwe8sI7kG2sy:22 a=0jxUg_Tu7LEDvtUZywox:22
Arc-Seal: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; t=1657044777; cv=none;; s=arc-20160816; b=tJ4AxJHR++8L6DnUgLLOZugbrtIo7SxK2sWF1Q7KZB1FVEEOdmu9lhffo5PkPlwB9V qPvL2IzidZhekL/CpEzlNufSrkuh5sfwGMHXTlEpxcSqO+zijBOF1thkjHvA4gPR5T4w vmN84fbE9rGnqzOtP5gLkprrDoMu2GMSNMH4aXZqrG90wg/uKDnuYL0QcdAYAEdiyg8X nkHO7DRYDGaKWfMRKA74oxC21MHY9QU6YADmkRexGYYBdTFmZHG3zmRaY0h/XE4MiS6K 5W6boEO8oUvE9Yv0XELi7inKpjIQfcnmz58LXK3ZKNzwLYAP5oukN1Cyq/+Kbv6hrbOA tBJA==
X-Spamd-Result: default: False [1.58 / 7.00]; DCC_REJECT(2.00)[bulk Body=2 Fuz1=many Fuz2=many rep=17% ]; ARC_ALLOW(-1.00)[]; URI_COUNT_ODD(1.00)[1]; R_SPF_ALLOW(-0.20)[+ip4:]; R_DKIM_ALLOW(-0.20)[]; MIME_GOOD(-0.10)[multipart/alternative,text/plain]; DMARC_POLICY_SOFTFAIL(0.10)[ : SPF not aligned (relaxed), DKIM not aligned (relaxed),none]; MX_GOOD(-0.01)[]; HAS_LIST_UNSUB(-0.01)[]; REDIRECTOR_FALSE(0.00)[>]; TO_DN_ALL(0.00)[]; PRECEDENCE_BULK(0.00)[]; DKIM_TRACE(0.00)[]; RCPT_COUNT_ONE(0.00)[1]; FORGED_RECIPIENTS(0.00); FORGED_SENDER_FORWARDING(0.00)[]; NEURAL_HAM(-0.00)[-0.987]; RCVD_IN_DNSWL_NONE(0.00)[,,]; FORGED_SENDER(0.00)[,]; FWD_GOOGLE(0.00)[]; RCVD_COUNT_FIVE(0.00)[6]; FREEMAIL_ENVFROM(0.00)[]; MIME_TRACE(0.00)[0:+,1:+,2:~]; RCVD_TLS_LAST(0.00)[]; FROM_HAS_DN(0.00)[]; ASN(0.00)[asn:15169, ipnet:, country:US]; DWL_DNSWL_NONE(0.00)[]; TAGGED_FROM(0.00)[caf_=[redacted]=isippcom]; RWL_MAILSPIKE_POSSIBLE(0.00)[]; FROM_NEQ_ENVFROM(0.00)[,]; FORGED_RECIPIENTS_FORWARDING(0.00)[]
X-Forwarded-For: [redacted]
X-Spamd-Bar: +
Arc-Authentication-Results: i=1;; dkim=pass header.s=mailjet2 header.b=H372Yrl5; spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) smtp.mailfrom=””; dmarc=fail (p=NONE sp=NONE dis=NONE)
Mime-Version: 1.0
Precedence: bulk
Received: from (using TLSv1.3 with cipher TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 (256/256 bits)) by with LMTPS id qE1oCzF/xGKVdhMAxsXosw (envelope-from ) for <[redacted]>; Tue, 05 Jul 2022 18:13:05 +0000
Received: from ( []) by (8.15.2/8.15.2/Debian-22) with ESMTPS id 265ICxXS1275534 (version=TLSv1.3 cipher=TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 bits=128 verify=NOT) for <[redacted]>; Tue, 5 Jul 2022 18:13:04 GMT
Received: by with SMTP id 586e51a60fabf-10bf634bc50so9136177fac.3 for <[redacted]>; Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:13:04 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by 2002:a9d:5d04:0:b0:616:e16f:48c7 with SMTP id b4csp5205621oti; Tue, 5 Jul 2022 11:12:57 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ( []) by with ESMTP id r132-20020a37a88a000000b006a3ac063c42si16702819qke.324.2022. for ; Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:12:57 -0700 (PDT)
Received: (qmail 7315 invoked from network); 5 Jul 2022 18:12:56 -0000
Received: (qmail 7313 invoked by uid 30297); 5 Jul 2022 18:12:56 -0000
Received: from unknown (HELO ([]) (envelope-sender <>) by (qmail-1.03) with SMTP for [redacted]; 5 Jul 2022 18:12:56 -0000
Received: from ([]) (using TLSv1.2 with cipher ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384 256/256 bits) (Client did not present a certificate) by CMGW with ESMTP id 8n2ZoMtXMlCtl8n2boigWC; Tue, 05 Jul 2022 11:12:56 -0700
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”X7zmPM=_MHtOoEEafJD3AI6AwbdlHxKCTM”
X-Rspamd-Server: concertino
Received-Spf: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Feedback-Id: 42.1941740.1846295:MJ
X-Cmae-Envelope: MS4xfE2IcW8jUplLBRk4C0GX3tGlikX3lsM0u4MZmi9FmjvhgzzFC25TVA0WRLmfGi68yqFhfSANqNmUo8wXA4Nu2zcz66LMI/zwjE5qCVafN5CJlHz2LY/4 u0zZcj0nfur3wir59hHX15DiWh7ZzsasacZRTu4bRQPjU5HZtl3W3cSfRVVeOB1FrH5Kpql9r65i2dwh1ibAtzYTPzu5x2eN05LBD7rRZmSXy6sFnKEaJTJo GDaGB7La5PKMkV1ahTcFhQl9PBmFfj4rt9EPoAkoZpGvp7M2ZXGa/nSjbipI4UIk
X-Forwarded-To: [redacted]
Dkim-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/simple; q=dns/txt;;; s=mailjet2; h=message-id:mime-version:from:from:to:to:subject:subject:date:date:list-unsubscribe-post:list-unsubscribe: feedback-id:x-csa-complaints:x-mj-mid:x-mj-smtpguid:x-report-abuse-to: content-type; bh=4AL7RHgJNrcLSxQd5J3kwmvZGxiwIXoKTzKjamiejpg=; b=H372Yrl5qbCxW/85QCa5SwEc7aYxazf0o0Ims0vWP/kyFG91I1Z3Y20Jk 0mntfEScmJ5eU8FxI9MRWmtAYyb2iEl0fhgV4vcT770TC5yaw0B5VxsVWzbU 2jDAo7nSJJMUj0RBJ3CaOVVCteY1yfcTwR90iTY9MMm/7uUpGig8g8=

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One thought on “New American Express Credit Card Identity Theft Phishing Scam

  1. I’ve been getting my fair share of those kinds of emails (and not just for American Express), but I’m a lot more concerned about my phone SPAM. Lately, I’m being bombarded with SCAM phone calls from fake Amazon asking me to verify a $1300 iPhone purchase. What’s worse, they call from spoofed phone numbers (there’s an unlimited supply of those!) and they continue calling every few minutes all day long. They’ll keep it up for a few days and then stop. They wait about a week (or sometimes two) until they think I’ve probably forgotten about it and then they start all over again.

    I never answer my phone unless the caller is on my contacts list. If it’s a legitimate caller, they’ll leave a message. If it’s not a legitimate caller, they might still leave a message, but at least you know not to return the call. Ditto all callers that don’t leave any message.

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