Stingray IMSI Cell Phone Tower Emulator that Grabs All Your Cell Phone Data as You Drive By Deployed by Law Enforcement Around the Country

Stringray device phone technology tricks your cellphone into connecting to the Stingray ‘phone tower’ (your phone doesn’t realize it’s connecting to a cell phone simulator interceptor rather than your provider’s tower – it’s the ultimate in cell phishing), and then sucks down all of your International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) information, including not only your call details, but even your text messages, email, and other private information. (This is also known as an IMSI catcher.) Now being deployed by local police and sheriff departments, these cell phone interception and eavesdropping devices are not only legal, but they require no warrant, and their use is jealously protected by the Feds.

Dyre Wolf Wire Transfer Malware Gets Around 2-Factor Authentication

The Dyre Wolf phishing malware targets primarily businesses and organizations (rather than individuals). This is because it tricks the victim into giving up bank credentials, and then does a wire transfer. However it works by tricking individuals using social engineering, which is also how it gets around 2 factor authentication (2FA). Dyre Wolf is distinct from the dire wolf – Dyre Wolf is phishing malware, the dire wolf is an extinct member of the wolf family (and the direwolf is a mythical dire wolf featured in Game of Thrones).

New SMS Bank Phishing Scam Uses Hacked Holiday Inn Phone Numbers

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Key Bank are among bank accounts being phished, SMiShed and vished by scammers who are sending SMS text messages to users, directing them to call hijacked Holiday Inn Express phone numbers which the scammers have disguised to make them sound like automated banking systems. So far this current crop has happened primarily in the Houston area.