How to Report Scammy Facebook Ads on Facebook

ad to report to facebook


We’ve all seen them – there are all sorts of ads for scams on Facebook, and all sorts of scammy ads and false advertising on Facebook (such as the ones suggesting a famous actress such as Betty White or Judi Dench has died). In fact, for many of us, not a day goes by that we don’t see some ridiculous ad on Facebook and think “How can Facebook let them get away with that ad?” In part it’s because Facebook relies on people reporting scammy ads to Facebook. So here’s how to report ads on Facebook.

In particular, we’ve been seeing a lot of ads on Facebook lately that suggest that Betty White and Judi Dench (and Diane Keaton) have died.

Here are a few examples:

Actual Facebook Ads
she is gone facebook ads

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Before you start, you will need:

1. A screenshot of the ad
2. The domain (URL) that is advertised in the ad
3. The URL to which clicking on the ad takes you (if different than #2, which they often are)

For the purpose of this ‘how to report scammy ads on Facebook’ article, we are going to report this ad:

The Scammy Ad We Are Going to Report
reporting a scammy ad on facebook

This ad displays the domain, but it actually goes to “” (the scum!)

Ready? Here we go.

How to Report Ads on Facebook

To report an ad to Facebook, you need to use the [FACEBOOK HAS REMOVED THIS LINK] (we’ll give you the link again at the end of the tutorial).

Facebook Ad Reporting Form
report a facebook ad


At the beginning of the form are a whole bunch of yes or no questions that you need to answer, starting with “Have you read the above information?” – answering ‘Yes’ to this information expands the form so that you can move forward.

This is that “above information”:

Please use the form below to report any Facebook Ads you believe may violate our Advertising Guidelines or Terms of Use. We aren’t able to reply personally to every inquiry, but our specialists will investigate every report. We appreciate your help in maintaining the quality of our advertising.

Please include as much detail as possible to help us track down the ad in question. In particular, the specific text of the ad you saw is extremely helpful.

For any other inquiries that do not pertain to Facebook Ads please return to the Facebook Help Center.

After clicking “Yes” to ‘Have you read the above information?’, the form will expand to allow you to answer all the other questions and, finally, to report the ad.

Expanded Facebook Form for Reporting a Scammy Advertisement
facebook ad reporting form expanded


Because you are reporting a scammy ad, you will be answering ‘No’ to all of the questions. When you get to the first screenshot upload button ignore it. Why Facebook offers it to you (it’s for reporting a post, not an ad) when you have indicated that no, you are not reporting a post, is beyond us. Don’t let it confuse you.

report facebook ad not first screenshot upload button


Once the form determines that you are actually reporting an ad, it will offer you a dropdown menu asking you why you are reporting the ad. There is no “it’s a scam” or “it’s scammy” option, so select “Other”.

facebook ad reporting dropdown menu

Choose ‘Other’ to Report a Scammy Ad
facebook ad reporting dropdown


Then answer “Yes” to the question “Do you have a screenshot of the ad you are reporting”, which will reveal the button to upload your screenshot (note that you can upload more than one screenshot).

do you have a screenshot of scammy facebook ad


Then upload your screenshot.

upload screenshot of scammy facebook ad to report to facebook


Finally, you will be offered a text box in which to put the information relating to the ad. This is where to tell Facebook why you think the ad is scammy, and also to give them the advertised domain, and also the URL to which the ad actually goes, if different.

Fill out the text box.

reporting scammy ads to facebook text box


Don’t forget to press ‘Send’!
send report of scammy ads to facebook text box


After you submit the form, you will see this confirmation.

Facebook ad successully submitted
facebook ad reporting form successfully submitted


Here’s the link to get started!



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How to Report Scammy Facebook Ads on Facebook
Article Name
How to Report Scammy Facebook Ads on Facebook
There are all sorts of ads for scams on Facebook, and all sorts of scammy ads and false advertising on Facebook Here's how to complain to Facebook and report ads on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “How to Report Scammy Facebook Ads on Facebook

  1. The same thing has happened to me with a wig, I got crap, paypal didn’t help which was the one the company used and my paypal could not find my claim. They did not refund me because I did not return the item which would have cost me 18.00 to send it back overseas, it cost 34.98 so why would I trust getting a refund from a fraudulent company who copied the real ad of whom I contacted and she said this happens all the time and FB knows about it and has not done anything. They are being paid by these companies showing these ads, but boy if we post something wrong you go to Facebook jail. The company removes my comments from the site as well.

  2. I bought a 50 inch TV from for 69.99 . They sent me a wallet. This ad was on Facebook. I come to find there are multiple complaints against this company on Facebook about the same fraud and scam that I experienced. I am led to believe that Facebook knew about fraud company and still ran the ads. I have tried to contact Bestzv with no results. I think that this is a fraud and a scam that Facebook may have profited from. I feel that I may have to contact my lawyer, the US postal service, channel 2 and the Buffalo news. I have the ads and all the emails about the order and shipping here on my desk.
    All I want is the TV or my $69.99 returned

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