How to Make Facebook Read Messages in a Page Instead of a Chat Window

facebook messages on page view
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Remember the good old days when Facebook let you read your private chat messages (PMs) on a page, instead of in a tiny chat window? Want to read your Facebook messages in a page again? Here’s how to make Facebook open your messages in a page instead of that annoying little chat window.

Why you should need to make Facebook do this – in other words why Facebook is now forcing you to use those tiny chat windows – is beyond us. But we are sure it has something to do with making Facebook more money (such as perhaps “This chat sponsored by the 3 Secrets to Banish Belly Fat” ads in our future).

In any event, here is how to be able to read your Facebook messages on a page instead of in a chat window (at least for now, until Facebook changes things, again).

First, to be clear what we are talking about. This is what you see when you click on the Messages balloon in Facebook:

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facebook messages inbox dropdown

When you click on one of the messages, it opens up one of those little chat windows:

facebook chat window

But what we want is to read our message on a page.

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Here’s how to do it:

Type in your browser address bar:

go to facebook messages page


facebook messages on page view


Another way to get to the page view is from the actual chat window itself.

Click on the little settings “gear”, and the first option from the drop down will be “See Full Conversation” Click on that and it will take you to the page view of that conversation.

chat window options settings

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