California State Bar Warns of Fraudulent Email

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The State Bar of California has issued an alert warning of a fraudulent complaint email being sent in their name. In an emailed statement this morning (June 8, 2016), the California State Bar said that it had received numerous inquiries about the email that supposedly had come from them, going out to members of the California bar.

In the email, titled “Fraudulent Email Alert from The State Bar of California”, the California Bar association says:

Dear State Bar Member,

We have received numerous calls and emails alerting us to a fraudulent email being distributed with the following subject line: “The State Bar of California Complaint.”

Please be advised that this email is not from, or authorized by, the State Bar. If you receive one of these fraudulent emails, please do not respond or click on any attachments. Delete it immediately. These emails are NOT from the State Bar of California and may contain links to files that open malicious software.

President David J. Pasternak and the Board of Trustees are not involved in attorney complaint matters. The Office of Chief Trial Counsel (OCTC) is responsible for receiving complaints, and OCTC staff may request a response from a member, typically by letter to the member’s reported address. When OCTC staff contact a member by email, they use the email address authorized by the member for State Bar communications, and they identify themselves with a standard email signature that provides their name, title and contact information.

Thank you,

Elizabeth R. Parker
Executive Director
The State Bar of California

We do not yet have a sample of this fraudulent email – if you have received the email, we would appreciate you forwarding a copy to us, so that we can post it here. You can email that to us here.

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