Microsoft Sneaks Update to Windows 10 on Users

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The BBC is reporting that Microsoft has changed the way that it ‘suggests’ that you upgrade to Windows 10. When you get the update pop-up, saying that “Windows 10 is a recommended update for this PC”, if you click on the X to dismiss the pop-up, rather than dismissing the message, it schedules the update!

microsoft windows 10 update popup red x

According to the BBC, “this has caused confusion as typically clicking a red cross closes a pop-up notification.”


No kidding.

Note: Not all systems have a red X, we realize, but the point is that clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner to dismiss the message results, instead, in the update being scheduled.

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Microsoft Sneaks Update to Windows 10 on Users

The BBC quotes Microsoft as saying that “The upgrade could still be cancelled, when the scheduled time for it to begin appeared.”

In other words, after clicking on the X to close and dismiss the message, it instead would move forward with scheduling an update – and at that point you could cancel the upgrade.

In a piece in PC World titled “How Microsoft’s tricky new Windows 10 pop-up deceives you into upgrading”, Brad Chacos observes that “Deploying these dirty tricks only frustrates long-time Windows users who have very valid reasons to stick with operating systems they already know and love.”

And security researcher Graham Cluely calls it a “dirty little windows 10 upgrade trick”, pointing out that “although most user interface design would consider the pressing of that “X” to be a cancellation of the process, Microsoft has decided to read it as your acceptance that you wish to upgrade your computer to Windows 10.”

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So, did you get caught by this switcheroo?

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Microsoft Sneaks Update to Windows 10 on Users

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4 Replies to “Microsoft Sneaks Update to Windows 10 on Users”

  1. Download ‘Never10’ programme and you will not be bothered by the microsoft nag screens ever again

  2. please, everyone, for my sake, accept the windows 10 upgrade, or stop running windows.

    windows 10’s spyware behaviour can be managed.

    windows pre-10’s malware behaviour cannot be managed.

    upgrade or reformat, please. i need you to have containers in your windows systems.

  3. I almost got caught by this. I clicked the “x” and then I got a pop-up that my upgrade had been scheduled. I panicked but was able to get in and tell it to Cancel the update. But it was close! It’s bad enough that I get that annoying message EVERY time I log in, but this is very annoying.

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