New Mathpix App Takes Pictures of, Solves Equations

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A new app called Mathpix uses your phone’s camera to capture an equation (even a handwritten one), and solve it for you! Then it gives you the solution (answer) for the equation, and will even graph the solution for you as appropriate!

After you download the app, you give it access to your phone’s camera, and then you just point your camera at the equation which you want Mathpix to solve, and it does the rest.


And here’s the thing – it really works! Here’s the demo video that Mathpix has posted on their site:

But of course, we needed to test it for ourselves.

First we took a screenshot of their equation, and then pointed the app at their equation anew.

mathpix test


Not surprisingly, it solved their equation just as it does in their promotional video.

Screenshot from Mathpix App Solving Their Equation
mathpix solves their equation

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So next we pointed it at a simple equation written in our own hand.

mathpix text with own handwritten equation

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New Mathpix App Takes Pictures of, Solves Equations


Pretty darned cool!
mathpix solves our handwritten equationi
mathpix solves our equation 2


Right now Mathpix can do arithmetic, fractions, algebraic equations, roots, logarithms, trigonometry, integrals, derivatives, and infinite series.

Future plans include functions for linear algebra, matrices, and multi-line equations.

But perhaps one of the most amazing things is that Mathpix, the brainchild of self-described deep learning scientiest and Stanford PhD student Nico Jimenez, has been coded in large part by two high school students, Michael Lee (who coded the UI and UX) and August Trollback, who is listed on the site as their full stack developer (he “developed a LaTeX parser for Mathpix, and developed the results page using SymPy and SymPy Gamma”).

Not too shabby, guys!

You can [Page no longer available – we have linked to the version instead] – it’s free.

Presently Mathpix is only available for iOS, but you can sign up for updates at their site, so that if and when they roll it out for Android, you can be notified.

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New Mathpix App Takes Pictures of, Solves Equations

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