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The 5 Best Note-taking Apps Ever

Inspiration, just like Lady Luck, is known to swing around when least expected. So, where do you put down your ideas and thoughts before they get crowded out by the day’s events? When you are on the go and someone suggests a movie you should watch, how do you ensure…

Microsoft Apps You Should Have On Your Android or iOS Device
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5 Practical Microsoft Apps You Should Have On Your Android or iOS Device

In today’s hustle and bustle, it is not uncommon to have your hands so full that you hardly have time to sit down at your computer and get things done. This is where having some practical apps installed on your smartphone comes in handy, as you can accomplish a lot…

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Top Web Browsers for Android in 2020

Web browsers open a whole new world of infotainment to people. This gets even better as browsers have been customized to run on mobile devices. Since there are so many web browsers around, we have cut through the fat and handpicked the top web browsers for Android in 2020. Chrome…

250 Million Microsoft Customer Support Records Exposed
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250 Million Microsoft Customer Support Records Exposed

As many as 250 million Microsoft customer records have been exposed, being wide open to anyone with a web browser, and not requiring a password.

microsoft breach hacked
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Microsoft Admits Breach, Hackers Accessed Users’ Outlook, Hotmail, and MSN Email for Months (Full Text of Microsoft Email Statement Included)

Microsoft has disclosed, over the weekend, that hackers have hacked into and accessed Microsoft users’ Outlook email, Hotmail email, and MSN email, over the course of several months, ending just last month (March of 2019).

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How to See and Access the Contents of a Winmail.dat File on Your Mac

Wondering ‘What is a Winmail.dat file attachment and how do I open it?” If you have a Mac computer, such as a Macbook, Macbook Pro, or Macbook Air, and if you have any friends or colleagues who still use Windows in general, and Outlook in particular, then you are almost certainly familiar with the issue of your friend or colleague sending you an attachment in email (say, a document), but all you receive in your Mac email is that damned Winmail.dat file. Here’s how to open a Winmail.dat file on a Mac, and get at the contents.

justice scales
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Woman Wins $10,000 from Microsoft Over Unauthorized Windows 10 Upgrade

As we reported last month, Microsoft has been pushing the update to Windows 10 on its users even if they didn’t ask for it, don’t want it, and thought they were refusing it. Now Teri Goldstein of Sausalito, California has won $10,000 from Microsoft after suing MS for the unauthorized upgrade, which she says ruined her computer.

microsoft linkedin
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Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Microsoft and LinkedIn have announced that Microsoft is buying LinkedIn for a cool 26.2 billion dollars.

microsoft windows 10 update popup red x
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Microsoft Sneaks Update to Windows 10 on Users

The BBC is reporting that Microsoft has changed the way that it ‘suggests’ that you upgrade to Windows 10. When you get the update pop-up, saying that “Windows 10 is a recommended update for this PC”, if you click on the X to dismiss the pop-up, rather than dismissing the message, it schedules the update!

get rid of smiley face j outlook
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That Single, Seemingly Random Letter J in Some Email is Outlook Trying to Smile

How many times have you seen a sentence in an email that looks like this: “I’m really looking forward to seeing you tonight! J” Or “I know what you’ve been up to! J”, or any other variation, but ending with the cryptic letter J, all on its own, and wondered “What’s up with that letter J??” Does it stand for “just kidding”? (That would be ‘j/k’.) Joking? Jump? It turns out that it’s caused by Outlook, and Outlook doesn’t, apparently, have a sense of humor. It’s Outlook trying to smile – or, more precisely, it’s Outlook’s version of a smiley face.

how old #howoldrobot
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That Microsoft website that guesses your age, (hashtag #HowOldRobot ) is actually a cleverly disguised system designed to grab your metadata from your photos so that it can be used to advertise to you. Some of the data that has been grabbing while guessing how old you are includes your gender, your age, and your location (along with your User Agent string). Exactly the type of data they need for targeting marketing.

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Microsoft Kills Internet Explorer

Internet technology news sites are reporting the death of Internet Explorer (IE), following Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela essentially announcing as much last week.

skype translator demo
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Skype Translator Brings Us One Step Closer to an Actual Babel Fish

While Skype Translator was announced last year, Skype is now accepting Skype Translator registration signups. The first roll-out of the Skype voice translation tool will be Skype Translator for Windows, with Skype Translator for Mac to follow. (For a Skype Translator demo, see below.)

microsoft windows bug
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Urgent Microsoft Vulnerability Update Patch for All Versions of Windows

Microsoft has released a critical update to patch a “privately reported” Microsoft Secure Channel (“Schannel”) vulnerability which affects all current versions of Windows and Windows Server. Says Microsoft, “This security update resolves a privately reported vulnerability in the Microsoft Secure Channel (Schannel) security package in Windows.”

peeping window windows
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Does Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview Really Include a Key-Logger? Yes

Microsoft has released Microsoft Windows 10 as a “Windows Technical Preview”. That means that it is sort of like a beta version of Windows 10, out for testing in the real world. And yes, as part of this, they include what can be described as key-logging, or a key-logger, meaning that your keystrokes – the characters that you type – are recorded as you are typing them.