How to Factory Reset an Android T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

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  • How to Factory Reset an Android T-Mobile MyTouch 4G


At some point you may have a reason to want to do a factory reset and restore on a T-Mobile Android MyTouch 4G – maybe you are selling the phone and want to erase all personal data from the phone, or maybe you are gifting the phone to someone and want to wipe everything off it. Whatever the reason, unlike many other devices, there is no easy setting that allows you to perform a factory reset on a MyTouch 4G. Here are instructions, along with one key screenshot, for how to restore your MyTouch 4G to factory settings.

Be sure to back up any data that you want to save before performing this factory reset and restore, including any pictures, contacts, etc..

How to Perform a Factory Reset on a T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

1. Deprive the phone of all power. This means completely disconnect it from any charger or USB cable, and pull the battery out.

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2. Put the battery back in.

3. Press the “volume down” button, and at the same time press the power button. When the phone starts to shut off, you can release the power button, but do not release the volume down button!

4. When the phone reboots (your reboot screen will probably show three little androids at the bottom), release the volume down button.


5. At this point you will be presented with this screen:




See the options “Fastboot”, “Recovery”, “Factory Reset”, “SIM Lock” and “Image CRC”? You want the option “Factory Reset”.

To select any of these options, use the volume buttons to move up and down through the options.

Then use the power button to actually select the option.

So you are going to move the highlight down to “Factory Reset” and then hit the power button to select it.


At this point the phone will reset, and when it boots back up all personal data will have been wiped, and you will have a phone that is restored to its factory settings.

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How to Factory Reset an Android T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

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  • How to Factory Reset an Android T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

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  1. my HTC familiar phone when u on it,its takes you straight to hard reset but at the top you will see locked so u can’t reset it

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