Simple but effective tips for your iPhone

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You may know a few of, maybe even several of these tips, but we bet there’s at least one in here that will be new to you!

Swipe to remove a number in Calculator
When you slip up using the Calculator, you do not have to remove everything and start over. Simply swipe left or right anywhere on the display to erase the last number you entered.

Pin shared web content in Messages
If somebody shares a tune or TV show with you that you wish to keep in mind, you can long-press on the message and choose Pin to always keep it on top of your conversation list.

Stack widgets on your home screen
If you wish to have several widgets available on your home display without putting boxes everywhere, you can stack them by dragging similar-sized widgets on top of each other as if you were placing applications in a folder. After that, simply swipe up to cycle through them.

Choose several photos to add to various other applications
This one’s really awesome. When you are in Safari and have to duplicate a number of pictures to save, message, e-mail, or any other app-based task, tap a picture and hold until you feel a little buzz. After that, while keeping your finger pushed, tap on any other picture you wish to save with another finger. That will produce a pile of pictures that you could then drag to the bottom of the display to reveal the home screen. Now simply drag the entire pile to the application you wish to use and let go.

Conserve time typing with text substitute
This one’s an oldie but a goodie. In the Key-board settings (within General), you can set Text Replacement shortcuts so you can rapidly type frequently utilized phrases. For example, you can make “OMW” automatically become “On My Way!”, or “ILY” become “I love you!”

Open up Camera from the lock screen
The iPhone’s lock screen has 2 shortcut buttons: one for the flashlight and one for the video cam. To launch the camera, long press the symbol until you feel a small vibration. After that take your picture and close the application without ever unlocking your phone.

Quickly Scan a Document
We’re big fans of Genius Scan, however if you wish to scan a quick file, Apple has a nifty scanner developed into the Camera application. When you are typing a note, tap the Camera button and choose Scan Documents. After that align a piece of paper in the viewfinder and it’ll scan immediately and include it in your note.

Utilize Real-time Text with Camera
This is a brand-new iOS 15 function and it is sort of enchanting. When you are snapping a picture with text in it, a little symbol with 3 lines will show up in the lower-left edge of the viewfinder. Tap it and you will have the ability to interact with the text—copy, share, translate, and so on.—as if you had typed it on your own.

Leap to your first picture
An old iPhone technique is to tap the top of the display to go back to the top of a web page or document. When in the Pictures application, it’ll take you to the first picture you ever took. To return to the most current, simply tap the Days tab.

Search from your Home Screen
This technique is a simple one—swipe down on a home screen to bring up Spotlight search and then type the thing you wish to locate, whether it is an application, song, directions, or anything else.

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