How to Change Your Date of Birth on

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There are any number of reasons that one may want to change or update one’s age and birthday information on, including that you accidentally entered the wrong date of birth when you signed up, or that you intentionally put the wrong birth date (particularly the year) in order to ‘trick the algorithms’ (which is the excuse that most people give when they cop to having lied about their age on a dating site). Whatever the reason, if you now want to correct your date of birth on you may find that it seems impossible. But it’s not. Here’s how to update your date of birth on

The reason that it seems impossible to update your age on is because you can’t do it from the most obvious place, i.e. your profile.

What’s more, it would seem like you should be able to, because on your profile your age is hotlinked, with an ‘edit’ icon next to it!


This is not the place to update your DOB on
how to change match com date of birth

When you click on that ‘edit’ icon, inexplicably you find that all you can change is your gender!

how to change age on

At which point you may well give up, or even create a whole new profile just to have the correct information associated with your profile.

Or, you go searching for information about how to actually change your date of birth and age on, which is probably how you ended up here.

So, here you go.

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How to Change Your Date of Birth and Age on

Log into and click on the gear icon, and select ‘Settings’ settings icon dropdown menu


On the Settings page, on the second-to-last line, click on ‘Sign Up Information’ (now who would ever think of one’s date of birth as ‘sign up information’?)

how to change date of birth on

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How to Change Your Date of Birth on


You will then need to enter both the date of birth that Match currently has and your password, in order to authenticate.

how to change age on match


This will take you to the place on where you can update or change your username, your email address, and your date of birth.

how to change age birthday username email address match


After updating your info, hit ‘Continue’ to submit it, and the system will give you a confirmation that it has been changed.

how to change username age birth date email address on match


Now that you know how to change your date of birth on, if you have an inaccurate date of birth in your Match settings, causing it to display an incorrect age on your profile, go change it now, because it’s dishonest, deceitful, and deceptive (and a bunch of other D words). And if you are thinking of changing the information from your real age to an inaccurate one, even if “just” to ‘fool the system’, just don’t.

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How to Change Your Date of Birth on

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3 Replies to “How to Change Your Date of Birth on”

  1. OMG… same situation with me. It is so annoying that you can’t change your DOB because you don’t know the incorrect DOB. I hate and stuck for 6 months with them.

  2. The above would work great, however, I can’t remember the birthday date I originally entered. I have my pw, but w/o the b’day, I’m out of luck, correct? I’ve emailed Match repeatedly to completely reset my account, but all I get are canned autoresponses that do not address the problem. Any advise?

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