Buy Google Glass Online – But Today Only

If you weren’t able to be a beta tester for Google Glass, today is your lucky day.  Today you can buy Google Glass online – see the link at the end of the article.  Google Glass is going on sale today to the general public.  The only problem is that it is only on sale today.

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Whether you like it or hate it – Google had to issue guidelines about how not to be a glasshole – Google Glass appears to be here to stay as the product is getting its first release into the general public.  Undoubtedly improvements will be made on the product, both in terms of functionality and in terms of public perception.  Aside from some Google Glass users being perceived as being rude, there have been concerns about everything from privacy around people wearing Glass to people operating Glass while driving.  (Some states have already passed laws banning its use while driving.)

As Google has stated publicly that they plan to release the product to the mass market later in the year, some have questioned the value of this one day sale.  In our view though, it makes perfect sense.  Currently, the people who are using Google Glass have been the ones who were willing to shell out $1500 for a beta product.  In other words, Google wanted people to not only sign up to test their product, but they expected people to pay for the privilege.

While there are no solid, publicly available numbers, estimates believe that there might be 10,000 Google Glass users currently.  Depending on your perspective, that’s very few for the amount of press that the product has received, or that’s a lot of people who paid a substantial amount of money to test the product.

Either way, the people who have been testing Google Glass are pretty much guaranteed to be tech people who are early adopters.  By opening up sale of Google Glass for one day, there will be more “common people” who will put the product through its paces.  It should be expected that this new round of users will operate the device in ways that the testers did not and perhaps in ways that engineers did not even foresee.  So in other words, we see it as another round of testing before it goes completely public.

Of course none of this is going to settle the debate over the positives and negatives of Google Glass.  Just recently another person, this time a journalist for Business Insider, was attacked for wearing Google Glass.  While he wasn’t hurt, the product was ripped off his face and the attacker made a show of destroying it.

As Google Glass goes on sale today for a limited time, it seems clear that it is here to stay.  While the debates may rage over how it can and should be used, it seems apparent the more that people are around it, the more they will at least become used to it.

Want to buy your own Google Glass?  Be ready to hand over $1500, but you can do so today from Google’s website –

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Buy Google Glass Online - But Today Only
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Buy Google Glass Online - But Today Only
Today only you can buy Google Glass online. If you miss out, you'll have to wait for a while longer.

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