Android People App on Google 4.2 Operating System Jelly Bean Omits Entire Month of December from Calendar

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If your Android is operating on the 4.2 operating system, AKA Jelly Bean, you may notice something in your calendar is missing – the entire month of December. Those running the 4.2 operating system on the Nexus 4 device, Nexus 10 device, Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy Nexus smartphones have reported the issue.

The issue is in the People app, which lets the app users add the birthday and anniversaries of friends on the calendar. Unfortunately when users attempt to do so, they cannot because the calendar goes from November to January, completely omitting December.

It did not take long for jokes and snide comments to start flying on Twitter:

@segphault The real reason December is missing in the Android 4.2 address book app is because Apple holds a patent that covers the entire month.

@counternotions The difference between iOS and Android comes down to which you’d prefer: Corinthian leather and torn paper or the month of December?

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@mxcl December missing from Android 4.2’s calendar is a pretty accurate anecdote for summing up Google software IMO.

It appears that the native Calendar app in Jelly Bean is not affected and still contains the month of December. Google has said that they are aware of the People app calendar issue and are working on a fix right away.

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