Big Bang’s Bill Prady Live Tweets Customer Service Nightmare with United Airlines

Bill Prady, executive producer of the hit show The Big Bang Theory, took to Twitter to air his grievances with United Airline’s customer service department. We’ve all been there, stuck in a never-ending customer service nightmare, being passed around from department to department, trying to reach an actual person, and then being disconnected and having to call back and start all over again. The difference is, many of us don’t have over 130,000 Twitter followers, and a rabid fan base.

It all started with one tweet:

@billprady New candidate for worst customer service call center: @United airlines. Me: You don’t seem to understand me. Them: What?

Before long, after he clocked over 20 minutes on the phone with United customer service, he tweeted:


@bill prady Contest: Guess how many minutes it will take for @United to actually help me. Winning entry will be RT’d

And to make sure that United really felt the heat, he tweeted:

@billprady Be sure to put “until @United helps @billprady ” in your guess.

And sure enough, fans replied in droves:

@chrisis1033 I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the ” until @United helps @billprady ” web series. I bet the villain is actually evil TBBT @wilw

@zenblaster Next visit of Haley’s Comet until @United helps @billprady

@sirfoxey “until @United helps @billprady” 1hr 4min and then they will just hang up on you with out resolving anything you required.

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United did finally answer Prady, asking him to please “follow” them and then direct message them with his info, to which he replied:

@billprady Got a request to DM @United — so I did. No answer. Guess I’m on hold on Twitter as well. Possibly on hold in the Phantom Zone.

Shortly after that, Prady tweeted:

@billprady After 1:14:34 on hold with @United — the rep claims the reservation is fixed, but website is failing to reflect. Declaring official time.

United appeared to have removed their tweets at Prady shortly after replying to him because, despite Prady replying to tweets to them, their Twitter account has no tweets to or about him.

Prady’s fan’s tweets were not in vain, with a few of them being rewarded for their accurate guesses as to how long it would take the issue to be resolved:

@billprady Maybe. RT @Jaym4n: @billprady @united does that mean I win at 1:20?

@billprady This is pretty good RT @ZiggyNJ: @billprady I had 1:13:23 but don’t know how to link to the tweet on my phone

While United has yet to make an official comment on the issue, we are guessing that they are rethinking their social media policy.

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