16 Year Old Phenom Makeup Artist James Charles Garners Over 200k Followers

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New York teenager James Charles has done something that many people twice his age haven’t been able to achieve: established himself as a moving force to be reckoned with in his professional niche of choice. At just 16 years old, James Charles, who goes by @JCharlesBeauty, has built up an online following of over 200,000. To make it even more impressive, his niche of choice is as a makeup artist (MUA).

The nose-ringed James Charles, who has online presences on Twitter (6,000 followers), YouTube (16,000 followers in under two months’ time), an unknown number of ‘friends’ on SnapChat (because it’s unknowable), and Instagram (a whopping 185,000 followers), describes himself as an openly gay 16-year-old makeup artist with a “huge passion for artsy, avant garde, and abstract looks.”

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The thing is, he’s really good at it. (We’re still trying to figure out how he did the lipstick which stayed on throughout his eating pizza and drinking soda!)

And he’s also multi-talented! (His video on Instagram of himself and friend Anthony singing a duet is pure and lovely. Same for one of him singing solo.)

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But his first love is makeup, and it clearly shows.

While he doesn’t have many videos up yet on YouTube (again, he only started on YouTube less than two months ago, but we have no doubt that he’ll migrate a good portion of his Instagram followers over to YouTube, which is the better video platform), the few how-to videos that he has up there show him to be a skilled beauty blogger. His foundation how-to video has the polish, poise, and production value of someone much more seasoned (remember, this guy is just 16!), and his video on how to create fake freckles is genius, not to mention adorable.

@JCharles on How to Create Fake Freckles

Other than his short bio on YouTube (“Hi! My name is James Charles. I’m a 16 year old makeup artist from New York. I love doing glam looks but I also have a huge passion for artsy, avant garde, abstract looks. Makeup is one of my biggest passions and I hope you choose to join me on my journey!”), not much is known about this talented young man from New York, but we do know this much: this guy is a guy to watch, because he’s going to go far!

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jcharlesbeauty james charles skull hand
Credit: @JCharlesBeauty

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3 thoughts on “16 Year Old Phenom Makeup Artist James Charles Garners Over 200k Followers

  1. Shoutout to my Best friend in the whole world! He is so talented and down to earth. Love seeing him do what he loves and being able to achieve new heights <3333

  2. James Charles is my adorable nephew. He’s not from NYC, he lives in upstate NY. He is going to go far. He’s incredibly talented, from the moment he could hold a crayon.

    1. Hi Cassandra! Thank you for letting us know! He’s an awesome kid, and incredibly sweet! We wish him the best! Where (roughly, we don’t want him getting stalked) in NY is he? I did my undergrad at SUNY Buffalo. :~)

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