About that MY2K That You Are Seeing All Over Facebook and Twitter

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In an unprecedented presidential move, President Obama has called upon people to start using a Twitter hashtag: #MY2K, in regards to the fiscal cliff. The MY2K (as in “my 2k” – the extra $2,000 that would come from the current tax cut extension being proposed) campaign calls upon Twitter users (and has crossed over to Facebook) to tweet what they would do with an extra $2,000 and use the hashtag #MY2K.

About that MY2K That You Are Seeing All Over Facebook and Twitter

As one can imagine, the results were a mixed bag of honest answers, ire and humor:


@tpainwsu no millionaire has ever decided not to make more money because it is taxed Stop sacrificing the middle class to protect the top 2%! #My2K

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About that MY2K That You Are Seeing All Over Facebook and Twitter

@Political_Bill We tried it their way: 12 years of Bush tax Cuts has gutted infrastructure, undermined our future, decimated our jobs & economy. #My2k #p2

@RightWingB President today “we must all get out of our comfort zone” as he lays his head on 1500 thread count sheets in his Hawaiian vac home. #my2K

@ShakaDwayne: It’s heartwarming to see so many leftists fighting to keep their George W. Bush tax cut. #my2k

@LOLGOP Email, call and tweet your congressman. If all else fails, you can strip naked and run into Speaker Boehner’s office. #my2k

A vast majority of tweets were negatively directed towards President Obama, possibly showing that this fiscal cliff issue has already caused Obama’s popularity to take a hit, or that more Republicans than Democrats are on Twitter. According to social media monitoring and analysis firm Crimson Hexagon, 53% of the tweets with the MY2K hashtag were critical of Obama and his fiscal policies, 26% did not pick a side or were news-oriented, and 21% were positive or supportive of Obama.

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After the President announced the hashtag, conservative organization The Heritage Foundation immediately bought a paid promoted tweet to show up at the top of every search for the #MY2K hashtag, saying:

@Heritage MUST-READ: 4 Reasons Warren Buffett Is Wrong on Tax Hikes! http://herit.ag/SaGWuJ #imnotafanof

While using Twitter to allow the people to voice their opinions is a progressive idea, it’s not quite clear how much weight it will actually hold with congress. It’s unlikely that any key decision-makers (or their aides) are sitting there taking a tweet tally, and even if so, the task of verifying that the #MY2K tweets are all coming from U.S.-based users would be burdensome, at best. But at least it allows frustrated citizens to blow off some steam.

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About that MY2K That You Are Seeing All Over Facebook and Twitter

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