Amazon Music Playlists Gone? Try This! Plus Amazon Shutting Down Customer Forums!

amazon music playlist missing blank
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Have you experienced the frustration of building a playlist through the Amazon Music app, only to have dozens of songs disappear as your playlist either reverts back to a previous version, or disappears altogether and comes up with the playlist empty? You probably already tried searching the Amazon forums, only to discover that not only is there no relief, but that Amazon is shutting their forums down! We can’t help with the forums, but we can help with your missing music playlists! In fact, it’s likely not that the songs actually disappeared – it’s much more likely that the problem is the app.

There is little that is more frustrating than to spend hours curating a playlist using Amazon Music or Amazon Music Unlimited, only to have it seem like everything has vanished, and you have to start all over again. Now generally we love Amazon Music Unlimited, which was launched just about exactly a year ago.

In fact, we’ve used Amazon Music Unlimited to create a most excellent dance mix playlist, which we wrote about several months ago. And which, as you can see, Amazon now tells us has no songs in it.

amazon music playlist empty

As it turns out, however, the playlist isn’t really empty (thank goodness). The problem is actually with the Amazon Music app. In fact, because this is happening in both the desktop music app, and the mobile app, we suspect that it’s the API.

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amazon music playlists gone from app

If this has happened to you, then you probably, like us, searched online and ended up in the Amazon customer forums, only to find that not only was there no useful information (just lots of other frustrated customers complaining about the same thing), but also that Amazon is closing their forums down!

Amazon Closing – err..”Retiring” Customer Forums – WTF Amazon??
amazon retiring forums


As we had just spent hours building a new playlist, we were as freaked out by the blank playlist as we imagine you may be if you are reading this because this has just happened to you.

The first thing we did after having the forums fail us was to wonder whether those playlists were really gone, or whether they were actually still resident on Amazon’s server.

So, with fingers crossed, we ordered our Echo to play the Dance Mix playlist. Holding our breath, for fear Alexa would aurally bitch-slap us with “I can’t find your playlist Dance Mix”, Alexa instead uttered those 5 magic words:

“Playing your playlist Dance Mix.”

“Aha!” thought we, after breathing a sigh of relief. “Something is rotten in Amazon API-land.”

Our next step was to log in to Amazon music via the web to see what we could see. And whaddaya know:

amazon music unlimited playlist


Next, we opened the Alexa app on our phone:

alexa app on phone


amazon my music in alexa app


amazon music playlist in alexa app


So, fear not, your music and playlists have not actually been lost.

What’s more, you can edit, add-to, remove-from, etc. your playlists from the Amazon Music web page, which, by the way, you can access directly here.

As to when Amazon will fix their buggy API is anybody’s guess. For now they are probably too busy shutting down useful resources like their customer forums.

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18 thoughts on “Amazon Music Playlists Gone? Try This! Plus Amazon Shutting Down Customer Forums!

  1. Success!acting on advice from one of your forum members I uninstalled the Amazon music app ,left it for a few moments then reinstalled it ….playlists back. Thank you

  2. July 2019 update. I found this and had a similar issue. Emailed Amazon help which suggested to uninstall app, which then deleted all my offline playlists. Then called Amazon and over 45 minutes the Amazon help desk rep Samantha really helped.

    We had multiple devices logged into same account, here is my technical summary:

    Here is how to reproduce issue
    Have 3 users logged into their devices as same account (2 ios and 1 android in my house)
    Create playlist on android
    then different person create playlist on ios
    then look at android next morning on way to work- playlist is gone
    then log into 2nd ios, the first ios playlist is gone (or at minimum the songs in it disappear).

    Switch to Amazon family (allows for 6 devices)
    Log out of ios devices (my android phone is the master, ios is for kids).
    create new amazon accounts for the kids (on ios)
    send an invite from amazon family to kids email addresses
    from ios device, accept the amazon family invite
    from my android, go to my email and confirm kids are part of the family
    from ios device, create a playlist with 1 song in ONLINE mode
    from android, create a playlist with 1 song in ONLINE mode
    if any user logs out, the online playlists are kept
    from ios create a playlist in OFFLINE mode
    from android, create a playlist in OFFLINE mode
    add content to OFFLINE playlists
    download any playlist to device
    log out of device
    The logout will clear the OFFLINE content
    ONLINE content will be seen on device

  3. I just dealt with this issue (again) on the Android app. Nothing seemed to work. I ended up just logging out of the app and then signed right back in, and all of the playlists showed up again. I may have changed my Amazon password at some point, so I wonder if it sort of freezes up the app but doesn’t automatically prompt you to log out/in or enter your new password. Anyways, this is what worked for me, hope it helps others too!

  4. I was only trying to restore my playlist, not downloaded music to IOS device.
    Tried what “Fixer” said at first with no results. But then logged out and back in. Playlist now restored. Thanks “Fixer”!

  5. Here is the solution for IOS. I figured out the solution myself.
    Click the three dots int eh upper right corner.
    Scroll Down to “Settings”
    Then try clicking “refresh my music” this got some of my music back, you may have better luck.
    If that doesnt get all of your music back, then on the same screen, click “Sign out”
    NOTE: this will remove all of your downloaded music and you will have to re-download it. However it brought all of my playlists back.

  6. My playlist disappeared. One I’d spent hours doing and I’ve now got a playlist with songs I don’t even like. Meatloaf, who I can’t stand, and Eminem with some foul language. Absolute bollocks!

  7. This is the WORST “solution” I have found so far…it describes every problem I’m experiencing and manages to describe everything but how to fix the problem. I’m using the app on my phone for a reason.


    I just called Amazon on this a got a very knowledgeable person. My playlist issue was only on my PC (phone was fine) and this was about the 3rd time it’s happened in the last year or so. Here are the steps that fixed my playlists on my PC Amazon Music App

    Click on your name in the upper left, click the down arrow
    Click Preferences
    Click on the Advanced Tab
    Scroll down to a button that says Start Reload
    Let it go through the process and then check your playlists

    I think it’s sorta like clearing you cache. I hope this helps!

  9. Thank you so much for this! I had a playlist, and began creating a new one. Yet some of the songs I KNEW were on the first playlist suddenly couldn’t even be added to the new playlist. So I thought, I’ll be smart, I’ll just add the songs to second playlist from the first, and got the Playlist empty spiel. And restarted the Amazon Music player several times, hoping to “nudge” Amazon into giving me back the playlist that I had actually listened to an hour before.

    Now to get Alexa to actually listen when I say Play playlist Carrie’s March 2018, and have it play that and not the Best of Carrie Underwood playlist they have.

  10. just subscribed to music unlimited. created a playlist for bon jovi (yeah, i’m old). i’ve been listening to it for two days. in the middle of playing today, boom, it’s gone. On the web, and the unlimited app on my pc. when i search for bon jovi music…it’s not there at all. so, do they randomly remove music?

  11. This is fantastic. I have been cursing Amazon for deleting music and screwing around with Amazon Video. At last there is some real help and not their bs answers. Thank-you so, so much. Keep up the good work!

  12. great guys everyone should see your page my wife has spent three month making a play list which two days ago disappeared but for two song so as you can imagine she was in a right mood but thanks to your site she has followed your instructions and it has come back in her browser
    so once again thank you
    regards Will

  13. Truly sucks. The playlists on our phones constantly drop songs with no ryhme or reason. Try logging out and back in, no. Try refreshing music, no. I’m paying for Music Unlimited but can’t listen away from my computer or on my echo.

  14. well this was helpful.. up to a point.. my echo will play my playlist “xmas” but it is NOT available on the webpage.. on the side bar i have a list of playlists, but it’s not all of them (i can’t even remember all the names of my playlists) but the “xmas” is not there and I can’t figure out how to find it.. like i said, ,echo/alexa will play it.. but it is not showing up anywhere on my amazon page.. on the sidebar where it says ‘my music’ it does list about 5 playlists.. but not this one.. ..

    if i check mark a song and want to add it to one of my playlists.. “xmas” is available in the drop down box.. but again.. it’s not on my sidebar anywhere to be found.. truly frustrated.. the page used to be so easy to use way back in the day.. I’m too old for this crap! I do not use a phone app.. i only use the webpage..

    if anyone figures out a way for me to find my ‘xmas’ list so i can actually view it and see the songs in there.. that would be fantastic..

    glad you had this page up btw, .. found it on google in my frustration :)

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