What to Do if Your Amazon Order Never Arrives but They Say it Was Delivered

amazon tracking shows delivered but shipment not received
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What should you do if Amazon says that your order was delivered but you never actually receive it? For the most part an Amazon delivery happens when they say it will. But sometimes an Amazon order will be marked as having been delivered even though the order has never been received by the person who ordered it. Here’s what to do if your order from Amazon hasn’t shown up even though Amazon says that it was delivered.

First, it’s important to understand that Amazon uses UPS (United Parcel Service), USPS (the United States Post Office), and now, even Amazon’s own delivery service, to deliver Amazon orders. And each of these services provides Amazon with the tracking information for your packages. So when Amazon says that an order was delivered, they are relying on what the USPS, UPS and their own Amazon delivery drivers tell them. (If instead you did receive the package, but it was damaged, read our article How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon).

amazon package delivered


In a case like this, where your package has been marked as ‘delivered’, it’s not really useful to track the package, because, of course, the tracking says that the package was delivered.

amazon track package

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amazon package not delivered

So, what should you do when your Amazon order goes missing? Here’s what to do.

What to Do When Your Amazon Order Shows as Delivered but is Actually Missing

UPDATE AS OF NOVEMBER 2019! All of the below information about the Amazon “Find a Missing Package” page no longer applies, since Amazon modified the page and you can no longer contact them through the page. As of November 2019 here is what you have to do if your order shows as delivered but never arrived: Call Amazon at 888-280-4331 You will be asked to let Amazon verify your account by having Amazon text the number they have associated with your account (while you are on the phone) and once you have verified it, the automated system will guide you through some options, one of which is “about an order”, followed by “are you calling about an item?” Answer ‘yes’ to this, and then the system asks you about the item, and gives you the option to say that it never arrived. At this point the system will offer you a refund or a replacement.

You can also try using the Amazon Customer Service Chatbot if you prefer not to use the phone, although we have not tested it recently.


On the Amazon help page titled Find a Missing Package That Shows as Delivered, Amazon explains that, essentially, you need to wait 36 hours past the ‘shown as delivered’ time before you can escalate it to Amazon.

During that 36 hours you should:

  • Verify the shipping address
  • Look for a notice of attempted delivery
  • Look around the delivery location for your package
  • See if someone else accepted the delivery
  • Check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.
  • Wait out the full 36 hours

Of course, we assume if you are looking for help figuring out what happened to your package that you have already taken these steps, other than perhaps waiting the 36 hours, because they are pretty obvious.

So, assuming that you have already done all of the above, and it’s been at least thirty-six hours since your package was marked as ‘delivered’, your next step is to go the [destination content has been removed at other end :~( ], where you will be able to actually tell Amazon that your order is missing.

Once on that page, you will be offered the option of getting help with an order you have placed, and you will be able to select from any of your recent orders.

After you have selected the missing order go to section 2, which contains a dropdown menu which allows you to select your issue. Click on ‘Where’s my stuff?’.

amazon help package wasnt delivered


amazon wheres my stuff


This will give you a submenu; select ‘Tracking shows delivered but shipment not received’.

amazon tracking shows delivered but shipment not received


Once you have selected ‘Tracking shows delivered but shipment not received’, a third section will display, asking you how you would like to be contacted. We always choose email, because it gives us a written record, and hey, we don’t like being on hold on the telephone.

amazon how to contact delivery issue


This will cause a recap of your issue to be displayed, so that you can verify it. This includes an area where you can include a message to the Amazon customer service team.

There is a pre-written message which you can select that says “Please provide latest status on when my Order (sic) will arrive” (we have no idea why they capitalized ‘Order’), and a note clearly meant to encourage you to not instead write your own message: “Customers choosing this option usually receive a quicker response.”.

But you can also choose to write your own message, which will still get a response, “usually within 12 hours”.

If you choose to write your own message, Amazon will tell you to please be sure to include whether “you would like a Replacement, Refund to a gift card, or a Refund to the original Payment method”.

amazon find lost order

After you click ‘Send Email’ you will see this confirmation:

help amazon package not delivered

Within that 12-24 hours, you should receive a response like this:

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your order #116-0019402 even though the tracking shows delivered. This usually doesn’t happen.

However,There is some delay in the delivery due to some error in the system. In this case I request you to wait till Tuesday, August 2, 2016, end of the day.

If you haven’t received it by Tuesday, August 2, 2016, end of the day, and you’ve checked around the delivery location and with others who may have accepted the package, please contact us through the link below and we’ll be happy to get a refund for you.

Please visit the following link to provide the information we requested:

Destination Content Removed at Other End

Rest assured, we’ll continue working hard to ensure that you receive accurate service, and to minimize the chances of anything like this occurring again.

Your cooperation and understanding is highly appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you soon again.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

Best regards,

If your order still doesn’t show up, you can then click the link that they have provided to you, and get a refund.

Here is the link to the page to initiate this process:

[destination content has been removed at other end :~( ]

In the most recent case we encountered, it turned out that the USPS had delivered the package to the wrong address. A couple of days later, someone from that wrong address brought the package over.

We have to say that Amazon’s use of the post office has caused pretty much all of the delivery problems we’ve encountered. Generally, we have found that the USPS service is far inferior to that of UPS when it comes to delivery errors and issues.

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63 thoughts on “What to Do if Your Amazon Order Never Arrives but They Say it Was Delivered

  1. Amazon is a fraud. With what they call: “RISK OF LOSS
    All purchases of physical items from Amazon are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.” They are stealing from the customer. They choose the carrier to deliver it to you and yet take no responsibility for lost items. Isn’t the delivery insured. If it is, who collects the insurance. Amazon refuses to provide carrier information, tracking information or anything else. Why would you ask, the reason is simple. They are incompetent and do not have all this information. It does not stop from stealing from the customer. I will not buy from Amazon. I would rather go to Walmart website.

  2. Thanks so much for this post! That chatbot did the trick. Checked in with it Monday night about a smart phone I ordered for delivery the previous Saturday, and it said to come back to the chatbot if my phone didn’t arrive by EOD the next day. It didn’t, so at 10:15 last night, the chatbot got a human to interact with (who was very nice) and after a couple questions she was able to process a refund for me. It won’t be back on my card for 3-5 days, which is standard. Thanks, again! Going to donate now and check out the rest of your site!

  3. Donated ! Thank-you for the concise information that AMAZON should have had readily available on their cryptic websites instead of the vicious loop after loop of loops of DISINFORMATION & GLEEFUL IGNORANCE. Was able to contact a real human and immediately, got the whole order cancelled and refunded, complete with confirmation eMail. After my Prime Membership expires, I’m gonna use the same method to completely remove myself from their eco-system. YES I’m THAT ANGRY!!!

  4. Just used the chatbox and it worked perfectly. Got a refund in about 30 seconds. Item was from UPS and never delivered. At least to me.

  5. I filed a complaint with Amazon as to a package that was never delivered yet the vendors stated that it was delivered. I requested that they provide me the tracking number for the package because the package total cost over $360 and yet neither Amazon or their vendor to this day has provided me the tracking number. When I file my complaint Amazon customer service admitted they never sent out an email related to the delivery of my package which had a tracking number. Amazon customer service refuse to even deal with my keys because they have a rule waste states that you had 90 days after being notified I have your delivery to do something is requesting for a replacement Or a refund. But my particular case I was never sent an email or notification as a delivery and as I stated I’ve asked Amazon and their vendor to provide me the tracking number as proof that my package was delivered and when I request the information they both cut off all communications with me regarding my issue

  6. Amazon said my items were delivered and the never were. After their “three days” investigation process that took 2 months! they told me this is my problem and there is nothing they can do about!!! I feel like Amazon disclaimer “between lines” are encouraging robers to take their customer’s stuff and I feel fooled by Amazon and UPS.

    1. I to was just told to gfms..
      70 dollar item, tracking shows it delivered and 5 days later no package.
      Used the web chat and I was told it sucks to be me… I told them I’ll file a chargeback with Mastercard and cancel my prime. They said have a nice day, I cancelled prime and called mastercard. Don’t know what else to do

  7. Just worked through the Chatbot link provided for a package that never got delivered.
    Was amazing. 15 seconds. Full refund to account.
    DON’T CALL — just use the chat link. It’s amazing. Pick the item from a list and they refund you.
    Eazy. Bam. Go.

  8. I can’t believe they upended their whole “contact us” system.. the email option is so much easier for someone who can’t use phones or web chatting (due to physical & tech limitations) & I just noticed it was gone & I’m so disappointed in this redesign.. eh well. It’s only been going on 18hrs anyway so I’ll wait for the 36hr mark before ~trying the chatbot. Pfftt. -_-

  9. They no longer refund for lost package.. Here’s a message I’ve received.. If there’s a workaround, let me know..
    Hello Jason,

    This is Jeff with Amazon. It was a pleasure speaking with you today.

    We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t received your item from order #114-8590300-2609019.

    Based on the results of our investigation, we won’t be able to provide a replacement/refund for this order at this time. Amazon.com is not able to resolve shipping problems after delivery, as outlined on our website in our Conditions of Use, noted under ‘Risk of Loss’ which states: “All items purchased from Amazon.com are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.”

    We advise you to contact your local authorities, if necessary, in order to pursue this matter further. We also recommend that you consider selecting a more secure shipping address, such as your workplace, in the future to avoid further problems.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    1. Have you reported any missing packages in the past? Or maybe your package excited their max refund amount.

    2. Jason, we just discovered that as of November 2019 here is what you have to do if your order shows as delivered but never arrived: Call Amazon at 888-280-4331 You will be asked to let Amazon verify your account by having Amazon text the number they have associated with your account (while you are on the phone) and once you have verified it, the automated system will guide you through some options, one of which is “about an order”, followed by “are you calling about an item?” Answer ‘yes’ to this, and then the system asks you about the item, and gives you the option to say that it never arrived. At this point the system will offer you a refund or a replacement. This may or may not work for you given that they have already denied your claim, but it’s worth a try.

    3. Not sure what you guys are talking about but the bot I talked to in the chat instantly refunded me after a few questions. I came to my apartment door after work and I simply saw the tracking label and nothing else. I waited the 36 hours and checked everywhere and just went through the bot which refunded me. Maybe because this was the first time happening to me or the amount was under a certain threshold ($130) or both.

      1. Could be because of refund they gave me in the past. Who knows, but I’m out 200 bucks this time… Thanks guys… I will try the suggested comment above with the phone call.

  10. If you are located in Canada, I would AVOID using Purolator as your delivery courier. Highest amount of late and mis-directed deliveries of any carrier service.

  11. Thank you!!!!! That was extremely helpful. Now I just have to wait for the new order to be delivered. Orders page says I get it in 3 days. We’ll see…..

  12. I am sorry. But in the last 2 years, since they started delivering on their own, they have really declined in service. I feel like my orders have an 80% chance of arriving on time. The remaining 20% have a very high chance that they are lied about. The most common lie is that the package was handed directly to resident.

    Several times it was important to get the item when they promised. With the new policies, now it is almost like they are saying it is rude of me to even bother them with these false delivery claims for 36 hours!?! So two days essentially becomes 4 days before I can resolve the issue and then 2 more to receive a new item?

    They need to be careful with this attitude or it will start to make more sense to go to the regular store and buy perhaps 50% of the items I trust them to deliver to me now. Then you start to wonder if you really need prime. etc.

  13. They don’t make it easy to report non-deliveries. I finally found a link to Where’s My Stuff (used to be more obvious as I recall). I did the ‘chat’ and I was clearly chatting with a non-human that was not programmed very well. I reported the 3 items that didn’t show up as well as an item I didn’t order but that did show up. No idea as to whether anyone actually got the message or if they’ll respond.

    One irritating thing about their initial “help” info: they expect you to find out where the item may have landed, if someone else got it, etc. No, that’s not up to me that’s up to them. I gave them the correct directions and address and if it didn’t show up I’m not their unpaid detective. All I should have to do is report it and unless they can show otherwise it’s up to them to correct the problem and make the delivery.

    1. Just tried your method and Amazon now makes you go through a return process with UPS pickup! UPS claims they cannot find my address even though the delivered packages here before AND FedEx has no problem finding me! I guess I’ll just send an empty box back with a printout of them delivering the package to another CITY!!!

      1. I feel your pain dude. I’m going through the process now, albeit very carefully. It wasn’t even shipped with USPS, UPS, or FedEx, and instead with a german shipping service called DHL. Even though my billing AND shipping address is clearly listed as somehwere specific in Colorado, it says it was delivered somewhere in f*&% off nowhere in Woodstock Georgia, and not even a specfic Georgia address. I spent 60$ on that and now i’m pissed. Now some [deleted] has a pair of expensive steel gauntlets and probably won’t give them back to amazon.

        1. The same happened to me. I ordered a pair of headphones for 40 bucks (I’m from Germany) last monday and it said they’d arrive the next day. I recieved nothing. Then they sent me an email saying “Your delivery will arrive on the 30th October – 1st November”. Still nothing. So I thought I’d take a look at the tracking and it’s marked as already delivered on the 31st somewhere in Aschheim, which is approximately 823 km away from where I live. How on earth… does my package get there? I double checked my address so that can’t be the issue. Then I contacted DHL (the same delivery service as the one you mentioned) and they told me they’d take action as soon as possible. They want to get it back from where it was delivered to and then bring it to me on monday (at least the guy on the phone said he hopes it’ll work out). But I’m pretty sure it’s already long gone. Just to be safe I asked Amazon for help as well, they said they’d look into it. But it’ll take up to 3 days, if not any longer. I’m so pissed, especially because I won’t be home next week.

  14. Wow, thank you! Success! I was told by Amazon and UPS pkg showed delivered four days ago, but I have nothing. Just now, I contacted them through your info here, and I have a gift card as return for goods never received on the winter boots. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi there. Just wondering if you chose the gift card option specifically or did they also offer you the refund back to your original payment method?

  15. Sent a refrigerator to my brother in New York. UPS showed “Driver Released”, and apparently no one signed to receive it. So I went to Amazon Help page linked above, then chose drop-down box (Tell us more about your issue) “where’s my stuff” and under details, drop down for “Tracking shows delivered, but not received” then selected chat vs phone help.

    After 10 minutes or so Jeremiah finally said he could refund the cost to my credit card. In a few days I’ll know if it actually happened.

  16. Got a refund within an hour of complaining online. Here’s how.
    Some items are marked that they cannot be refunded, vitamins and sundries. Look at the page for the item to see. The vitamins I ordered were non-refundable, it said.
    The item was supposed to be delivered to an Amazon Locker, but when I entered the code and the door opened, the locker was empty. But this may work for home delivery too.
    Go to the order on Amazon and ask to return the item – “Return or Replace Items”.
    When the drop-down menu comes up, you will notice that there is no selection for failed delivery. Instead select the menu that says “Wrong Item Was Sent”. Then you will be required to comment. Say this: All I received was air. I did not order air. That is the wrong item. There is no selection for “Not Delivered”. Or in my case “The Locker Was Empty”.
    It worked! Check your order page in an hour or two see if it says “refunded”.

  17. I just finished talking with Amazon. They will refund me for the item that was not delivered.
    I also sell on Amazon and I wonder how many times I’ve had to issue a refund because the Amazon delivery service failed to do their job?
    Everytime they have delivered to me they have been rude, walk in my shop, drop my box on the floor, turn around and walk out. Not one word and no hesitation with dropping the box flat on the concrete floor.
    I try to use the Amazon locker all the time but it’s often full.
    They should offer an option for using one of the known carriers, even if I have to pay a few bucks more. I’ll take it.

  18. There is no email option any longer :)
    Thank you for this bc I Never would have found it on my own. I searched for over an hour!!

  19. Thxalot for your easily understood directions. I’m 95 and had no problem getting
    refunds for two undelivered orders that the tracking email said were.

  20. Excellent documentation of what Amazon WANTS us to do- but I agree with others- we are paying for PRIME, for 2-day delivery. Have you also noticed the increasing number of PRIME items that when you get to check out, ordering Monday morning, delivery is scheduled for 3, 4 even 5 days later? At that point, you can cancel e order- but Amazon is still stealing from us. Search for this issue online. There was a CBS story about it in 2017.Amazon blamed it on USPS. So why do they use them? When Amazon shows, but blames it on carriers’ malfeasance, undelivered items are shown delivered in 2 days, but not- Amazon is faking internal quality of service which goes into SEC reports, which is fraud. This 36 hour wait, which in a recording I have from yesterday 49 hours later, I’m told to wait two more days, THEN instead of calling by phone again, instead email them telling them if I still do not have the items in the order. Email gives them another 12 hours to hold onto my money in their financial records. More fraud. Amazon, in knowing that the USPS fakes deliveries to them, and compounds that with fraudulent public financial reports- IF the USPS were a private company, the conspiracy to defraud the public could be prosecuted under Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and others. My point is, do not accept this from Amazon. This is a serious legal matter. Every time this happens, report this fraud and criminal acts to your BBB. This is serious. When there are tens of thousands, minimum, of these fraud complaints filed in a few months with your BBB, it will get national media attention. Amazon, and USPS in this criminal conspiracy (RICO) fraud will result in both being held accountable.

  21. Thanks for this. I’ve had this problem with amazon prime 3 times in the past year. It has a status of delivered and then always actually gets delivered the next day. I’ve heard that when it’s a prime delivery (2 days) that USPS will sometimes mark as delivered so they don’t get in trouble for not making the prime deadline. It’s unethical and screws the customer.

  22. Thanks for this article! I’m usually pretty good at getting around sites, but couldn’t seem to find the missing parcel page on my own. (Is this purposeful? Sometimes I have to wonder…) I was able to find the page, using your detailed instructions, and contact Amazon about my missing order. Thanks again!

  23. Wonderful article. I was unable to find this Amazon feature, so I was very glad you were able to point the way!

  24. hi, this was very helpful, but you may want to update it. Amazon chat is the quickest. I resolved my issue in 5 mins. got a refund immediately.

  25. This was very helpful. That ‘Contact Us’ page is hard to find. USPS delivered to the wrong address! I used to be annoyed with FedEx and UPS, but at least I got my package in the end. USPS makes too many mistakes.

    This is a huge help to resolve missing deliveries containing Christmas gifts.

  27. Thanks for posting this. I’ve been missing a “delivered” package for two months now and trying to find out how to contact or report it has been like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. I even tried writing a review saying that I never received my item but Amazon rejected it! I tried to get to the “contact us page” but it seems to not be working. Hopefully it’s just my connection here at work. :/

  28. Ver good suggestions. I have exhausted all those options. Amazon sent my package with USP and they delivered the item to another location, despite the fact that the correct delivery address was selected. I checked the USP website and there it confirmed that I was correct in assuming it was sent elsewhere. Amazon claims that because there is a signature, they cannot give me a refund. There is a signature because USP made an error. What do I do? I dont live in the US.

  29. Thank you so much for posting this article it was a huge help! I just followed your instructions since this happen to me on Friday and within 4 hours of sending the email – Amazon immediately offered to either credit my lost merchandise back and/or deliver it again with 2 day shipping. You helped end my weekend on a better note :)

  30. I have not tried any steps yet But I wanted to TY first & foremost for taking the time to give detailed step by step info diagrams/pics with your excellent post!! I had searched all over & could not find anything remotely close to what I needed & just when I thought all hope was gone–I FOUND THIS & NOW I CAN BREATHE A HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF..TY & I’ll keep you posted

  31. I love Amazon and have no complaints at all, large variety, good prices, and problem resolution, all very customer friendly.

    I have only had one order not delivered out of my 300+ orders in the last year. I got onto their chat and within 8 minutes my account was credited and I ordered a new one which was delivered express a day later. The seller also upgraded my item to the premium item and gave me an additional credit for an additional purchase because they too were very sorry for the mix-up. While this was not a terrible experience, their responses sure felt good knowing that some people still care about the customers. I do all my shopping online because I am bedridden, the packages are delivered and hubby brings them in when he gets home from work. I have had some orders delivered the same day when I ordered early in the morning, which flabbergasts my husband every time. I just tell him it’s because I am special!

  32. My problem is that it shows my package was delivered… halfway across the country!!! My address on the order is correct and everything! There is NOTHING on my page or the order about AZ but that’s where it was delivered! I went through the help page which directed me to contact the seller. Then shortly got an Amazon reply that the “seller” is no longer active! Now what! Someone has my money and I have no product! Will Amazon take care of this?

  33. Very helpful. Hard to find an actual way to say “nope, it never arrived” on the traditional Amazon tracking pages, let alone a way to contact them. Thanks.

  34. Thanks for providing this information. I requested same day delivery.
    I won’t make that mistake again.

  35. Same thing happened to me. My neighbor has security cameras, I asked her to check the footage to see if the package was stolen. She scanned two hours before and after the “delivery” time and no one came to my door at all.

    Amazon called me after going through the steps above, and they issued a $15 refund and told me to wait until Monday. They promised to call on Monday to confirm delivery, but they didn’t.

    I called today, they fully refunded all my items, gave me 2 extra months of prime membership for free, and I had to re-order 2 of my items on my own. The package was supposedly “delivered” by an Amazon courier. My UPS & USPS Amazon packages always arrive as scheduled.

  36. I’m literally sitting at home when I get the notification that the product was delivered. I walk outside, nothing. I’m extra annoyed because it was a “same-day” guaranteed delivery. Some lazy delivery person not wanting to get in trouble for skipping the end of day delivery?

  37. This is actually really UNHELPFUL unless you want to wait an extra 2 weeks for your item(s). Since Amazon now has their own delivery drivers who like to do this stuff you need to take faster action. Not sure about the rest of you but I pay $100/yr for prime. When an item is sold & shipped by Amazon & has a guarantee of being delivered in 2 days by a guaranteed day that’s their contract to you, the consumer. When they FAIL you by marking a package as delivered but not actually delivering it you have every right to contact them IMMEDIATELY and request they send a free replacement and credit your money back. This just happened to me yesterday! They said my item was delivered but they never really delivered it. I called up Amazon customer service and am getting my money back for the item as well as a free replacement sent to me that should be here tomorrow.

  38. This was an extremely helpful article that soothed some of my frustration at not receiving an expensive item that I ordered. Hopefully Amazon can make it right! Thank you for your help.

  39. Thank you for this page. It’s 6 degrees outside and I spent an hour and a half looking around in the dark with a flashlight for my package that says delivered to my porch. Frustrated is not a strong enough word for how I feel right now. I should say frozen and po’d. I did contact Amazon and was told to please wait 36 hours. The UPS site says to go thru the seller because they have more info available. First major problem I’ve encountered.

  40. We were waiting for a package (gift) that we needed for our son’s birthday. It was due for delivery by 8PM. When it didn’t arrive, I logged in and saw in the tracking information that it had been delivered directly to the recipient. I called Amazon (hadn’t read this article) and was told not only that it had been delivered at 7:50 PM but that Amazon Logistics claimed they had a scan of my signature and name. Nonsense. Could it be that UPS/USPS are under such pressure to make a delivery on schedule they simply claim it was delivered on time and then wait until the next day(s) to actually make delivery? I was issued a refund and confirmation but the lie bothers me. I didn’t receive it by hand or sign for it. Amazon has always been reliable, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  41. Anne,

    This is extremely helpful information. Amazon are usually right on the money. The few poor experiences I’ve had in the past 10 years have been with USPS losing packages outright or delivering them to the wrong house. They’ve done this twice in the past two weeks. The post office supervisor had a very nonchalant attitude about $500 worth of hard drives that he said, “We probably delivered down the street somewhere.” And that was that. No apology. No followup. I just followed your recommendation and contacted Amazon 36 hours to the minute after the supposed delivery.



  42. Really great article and information. I’ve just initiated two claims for non-deliveries. I buy a lot on Amazon, and sometimes I do it based on timing of delivery. In those instances, I need Amazon to be reliable on their “guaranteed” delivery date, otherwise I would have driven somewhere to buy it and have it in hand.

  43. Great information. No problems so far. USPS, UPS, and FedEx all provide good service. Maybe because I live near Pittsburgh and so the delivery trucks are in the neighborhood everyday. Non of them ring the doorbell but I just put the tracking number in Google and refresh the page if I want to know if my package has been delivered.

  44. Appreciate the article. My experience of USPS vs UPS or FedEx is just the opposite of yours–I am waiting at home on the scheduled delivery day tracking my package on UPS or FedEx, and they will not ring my doorbell!–I am relegated to checking my front step every hour or so to see if package has been left. USPS rings my doorbell every time.

    1. David, and FedEx is so good about that, they even leave these nifty blank door tags to let you know they’ve been there. ;~) Got a Blank Doortag Notice from FedEx on Your Door? Here’s Why

  45. Thanks! Great information! I buy a lot on Amazon and have only had one problem so far, which was resolved promptly, but it’s always good to be prepared!

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