How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon

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  • How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon

It’s not all that often that Amazon gets it wrong, especially when you consider that, by some estimates, Amazon ships more than 3million packages a day. Still, sometimes an Amazon order arrives with a damaged box, or damaged items, or just plain bad packaging. Amazon has actually made it easy to provide them with feedback and to report poor packing or damaged packaging, if you know how. Here’s how to report damaged packaging or bad packing, or leave other packing or packaging feedback, at Amazon.

How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging or Packing to Amazon

There are two different ways to get to the feedback and packaging reporting area of Amazon:

1. Log into Amazon and click on Your Account in the upper right-hand corner

your account on amazon


2. From the dropdown menu, click on Your Orders


your orders at amazon


3. Find the item with the offending packaging or packing in your orders

leave amazon feedback about packaging for a particular order


In this example, we are complaining about how a bag of bird seed was packaged, because the bag of bird seed itself was slashed open, inside the box.

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amazon bird seed food slashed in box bad packaging


4. Click the ‘Leave package feedback’ button

amazon feedback button to report packaging from recent orders

This will take you to the Amazon “Rate Our Packaging” page.



Click on this link:

This link will take you directly to the Rate Our Packaging page at Amazon.

Either way, you are going to end up here:

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How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon

Amazon rate our packaging page


Now, fill in your answers to the questions on the form, such as:

Please rate the packaging protection on your shipment.

    Excellent Protection
    Good Protection
    Fair Protection
    Poor Protection
    Awful Protection

Was the box size and packaging appropriate for the items?

    Too Small
    About Right
    Too Big
    Way Too Big


Was the item difficult to open?
Difficult to open packaging may include clamshells, wire ties, etc.



Of course, none of these options are applicable to our problem, that the product inside the box was damaged, owing to a packing issue.

Fortunately, below those questions, is a text box where you can explain what the problem is. You can also submit pictures along with your explanation.

place to tell amazon issues problems with packaging


In our case we wrote “This bag of bird seed was slashed – the shipping box itself was undamaged, but within the shipping box, the bird seed has spilled all over, including all over the other item in the box (dirtying its package), and that item was supposed to be a gift! Clearly this bag was nicked by a box cutter or something else, in the warehouse, and still put in the box and shipped. Very sloppy, Amazon!”

filled out amazon packaging feedback form


Then we attached the above picture, along with a second picture.

Once you are done filling out the form, click on Submit

submit packaging feedback to amazon


The system will confirm your submission, saying that Amazon will use your input to improve products and Amazon packaging.

amazon packaging feedback submitted


Note that it does not say that you will hear back from them; you might, but it’s much more likely that you won’t.

If the issue is bad enough that what you received was damaged or somehow else rendered unusable, you will need to return the item instead.

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How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon

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You can share this, including by text message!

  • How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon

2 Replies to “How to Report Damaged or Bad Packaging to Amazon”

  1. Reporting bad packaging is one thing. Getting Amazon to actually do something about it is quite another.

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