What to Do if Amazon Says that They Never Received Your Amazon Return

What to Do if Amazon Says that They Never Received Your Amazon Return
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Panic can set in when you get a reminder from Amazon to return an item that you have already returned. You may have even personally dropped it off at the UPS store or post office, but apparently your return is lost somewhere between you and Amazon, perhaps stuck in a corner of a USPS warehouse, or in a UPS clearing center, or it may even be lost at Amazon’s receiving dock. Or it may not actually be lost at all, the computers at Amazon may simply have hiccuped. Regardless of which of these scenarios applies to you, here’s what to do when Amazon says that they have not received your Amazon return.

The typical email from Amazon reminding you to return your Amazon return reads something like this:

“This is a reminder to return the item below. We’ve already issued you a refund and are expecting to receive the return. Please send the item back by Sat, Feb 6 to avoid the charges. Please click ‘View return and refund status’ to access your return label.

Of course, again, you have already returned the item, so you can’t return it again. And, as noted in their reminder, they have likely already issued the refund, and so the ominous “…to avoid the charges” certainly adds to the stress, as you can’t re-return the item to avoid the charges.

Panic not, here’s what to do.

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What to Do When Amazon Says that They Never Received Your Amazon Return

The first thing that you need to know is to always, always get a receipt and/or tracking label for every package that you return to Amazon. If you are dropping it off in person at a drop-off center or a UPS store, don’t leave without that receipt (drop-off center) or tracking information (UPS drop-off or post office). If you are having the package picked up at your house, make sure that you are home, even if you are leaving it outside for the pick up, so that you can be sure that when they pick up your package they leave a tracking receipt for you.

UPS Receipts for Amazon Returns
ups pickup return receipt amazon

But even if, in this particular case, you don’t have the tracking information, fear not – your refund is triggered by Amazon itself having received a confirmation that UPS, or whomever, has taken possession of your return. If you think about it, that only makes sense – they aren’t going to give you money before receiving assurance that the item which they are refunding has been received from you and is on the way back to Amazon.

To find the actual current status of your return, go to the ‘Orders’ section of your Amazon account. Find the order and item in question (the one you returned), and click on the yellow ‘View return/refund status’ button.

amazon where to view return refund status

There you will find the current status of your return so far as Amazon is concerned. As you can see from the screenshot below, this particular item’s status is “Return in transit”, so Amazon clearly knows that you don’t have the item, and that you, in fact, have returned it, even though Amazon has not yet received it (or doesn’t know that they have received it).

amazon where to view return refund status 2

So, if you find yourself in this situation, go to the Amazon page
to contact Amazon Customer Service
and start a chat, letting them know the situation.

Here is a transcript of an actual such chat:

Amazon Chatbot: Hi! It’s Amazon’s messaging assistant.
So, what can I help you with?

Amazon Customer: You say you didn’t receive my return but I sent it and you show it in transit

Amazon Chatbot: Ok, would you like to connect with an associate for help?

Amazon Customer: Yes

Sandeep has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.

Sandeep from Amazon Customer Service: Hi my name is Sandeep
How may I help you today?

Amazon Customer: Hello Sandeep! I got email from Amazon yesterday saying that you had not received two of my returns and I would be charged..however, not only did I return both of them, but it shows them as *in transit* in your system – obviously once UPS takes the return, it is out of my hands. :~(

Sandeep from Amazon Customer Service: You don’t worry please
Please let me know the order IDs?

Yes, one is XXX-XXXXXXX-XXX5464
The other is XXX-XXXXXXX-XXX1239

Sandeep from Amazon Customer Service: As I can see the return is already done from your end.

Amazon Customer: That’s why I was surprised to get the email saying I needed to return them :-(

Sandeep from Amazon Customer Service: Please do not worry about the chargeback, because the Fulfillment center will first contact UPS for the items. And if accidentally you got charged from us then just contact us back and by seeing the return tracking as delivered we can issue a full refund for you.

Amazon Customer: Ok, what if UPS lost them? What if they never get delivered to Amazon because UPS lost them? Is that possible?

Sandeep from Amazon Customer Service: They all are insured we will do the necessary work with the insurance

Amazon Customer: Oh that is very good to know, thank you *so* much!!!

Screenshots from that Same Conversation
amazon chat return refund reminder
amazon chat return refund reminder 2

Here’s the link to the Amazon page
to contact Amazon Customer Service

Good luck!

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39 thoughts on “What to Do if Amazon Says that They Never Received Your Amazon Return

  1. Thank you for posting this! I kind of had a panic moment and then a “hey..wait a minute” moment, googled what to do, found this post, and was like “duh! Contact customer service”…lol. Thank you!

  2. One thing happened with me, I bought apple airpod pro 2 from amazon and there were some issue in it, so I returned them, they received item but they said the item you sent is not correct. The return was picked from my home and I gave the item to pick up person UPS, but they said they received incorrect and closed the case, multiple times I reached out to amazon return center over email they always says the same thing (like chatbot) and customer service also says they can not do anything. They have digested my $255 bucks. This is something about 2 months old thing. What I should do in such case?

  3. Thank you for this valuable info. Had the same problem with two items, I thought it was hopeless, but followed your advice and just finished a chat with amazon, got credited for both returns without any problems!

  4. I have this problem constantly with Amazon. What I’ve found out is that you can’t just check your “Order Details”, page, but have to check your “Returns Center”, page, which isn’t easy to get to unless you know how. Also, I have found that there is a disconnect between the Returns Department and the Returns Warehouse. Some items with show “Return Requested”, “Return in transit”, and so forth, but when I check the “Track Package” option on the “Returns Center” page, it would show that the item was delivered to the warehouse weeks or even months ago, but Amazon would still try to charge me for the item like it was never received. The Returns Center is indisputable proof and they end up refunding me the chargeback. This has been going on for at least a year.

    Here’s how you get to the Returns Center. First, after you have logged into your Amazon account (this must be done on an actual webpage and not the Amazon app), you have to type in “Returns Center” in the Amazon search field, then click on “Returns Center”, once the page loads, click on “View Your Returns”, which is under “Manage Returns” on the right side of the page. *Again, this can only be done on an actual webpage (preferably a computer or tablet) and not the Amazon App.* Always check the “Track Package” option, despite of what the status says as most of the time, the item has been delivered to the Returns Warehouse and it will not update the status. This will serve as your proof when you call Amazon for your refund of the item(s) and/or chargeback(s).

    Hope this helps.

    1. On September 23rd I started a return. The Package was dropped at a UPS Store they gave me a receipt. Tracking Shows It Was Delivered on October 21st 2022 To The Las Vegas Nevada Wharehouse for Returns. After 3 Weeks I Called and They Confirmed It Was Delivered But **Not Received and Inspected** So I Will Have To Wait **Maybe Up Till December 21st to Check for My Refund OR Next Steps. I waited Patiently. I called Today Dec 22nd and A Supervisor Told Me From The Received Goods Dept The Return Was Never Inspected / Received **As Such They Will **NOT REFUND ANYTHING** This is Their New Policy and To Check With UPS, Then She Hung Up On Me. I Have UPS Tracking Confirmation As To UPS Saying It Was Delivered in A Large Box Weighing 23 LBS Obviously with Other Returns As Well. So What Now Do I Do A Charge Back W My Credit Card Co and Hold My Breath They Dont Close My Account Out Of Spite??? I Really Need Help Here This is $137.99 and I Cant Afford To Take The Loss??? ***HELP***

      1. I’m on the same boat with you, exact same situation, keeps charging me $400 for an item that was returned 6 months ago, contacted them million times through chat and calls, the reps i talked to could do nothing but forward my request to the “CARE” department, i never got any followed up after that, i requested a chargeback with my bank today, don’t want to deal with this Shxt anymore, don’t give afxck if they close my account.

      2. Currently going through this. UPS shows package was delivered, Amazon claim they never received it at their return center. Been over 60days, started in February 23, and they say they won’t refund me until they receive the package. UPS says they can’t do anything and I can not file a claim with them because it has been more than 60days since it was delivered.

      3. This is exactly what has happened to me but mines was a $344 HP laptop. I ordered windows 11 received windows eight. The only thing that I could do was to return it for a refund. UPS came the very next day at 11:42 on 428 Saturday morning, the drivers name is Victor Gonzalez gave me the receipt, put my charger and take the box and put the sticker on the box in my face and left. I notice three days later do the UPS application. My package is not moving. I am mediately called UPS and they say that sometimes it doesn’t show movement until it reaches its destination , I say OK immediately call Amazon and tell them of my concerns I was informed that they’re going to open investigation long story short I contacted both companies multiple times between May 3 and May 29, May 3. I was told to wait till 13th the 13th I was told to wait till the 29th And on the 29th and the 30th is when I finally was informed of the 30 day policy and that since UPS system is telling them that they have not scanned my package into their possession through their agreed communication line they say I have to contact UPS because they can no longer help me or assist me I call UPS to tell them why haven’t you updated your system to communicate with Amazon and they said they see it internally it’s just not on the regular screen and then I have to contact Amazon because I can’t do anything either. What kind of cruel situation are these companies playing with the consumers , clearly we’re not the only ones I bet if we’ve been together somebody will take responsibility

  5. Thank you so much for this article. I followed your steps and the Customer Server rep at Amazon refunded me the money. I honestly believe it is a scam that Amazon runs. I think they know not everyone pays close attention to refunds, extra Visa charges, or keeps receipts. I will definently be paying more attention to my returns from now on. I do have to give a shout out to returns at Whole Foods (Edina, MN) vs. Kohl’s. Kohl’s is just too busy and aren’t as equipped to handle returns anymore.

  6. Had to file a chargeback with my bank involving 3 returns they claimed they never got. I provided them with UPS tracking information and they said “someone will email you in 24-48 hours.” The next day I get an email “Please reply with the date you returned it, the method and tracking number.” So I do. A few hours later another email comes with “Please reply with the date you returned it, the method and tracking number.” So I do. This goes on for WEEKS and nothing happened. I call and all I get it “We never received the product. Someone will email you in 24-48 hours.” And guess what? THE SAME EMAIL!!! I finally gave up and called my bank to file a chargeback. I have zero f*cks to give if they block my account after this.

    1. Is your account still open? Going through something similar, but they’re saying it never got scanned in the first place. It was an Amazon in Kohl’s and I watched her scan it in. I lost the receipt and the representative lectured me and refused to refund me.

    2. Same thing is happening to me right now. No refund after 63 days after the package was delivered back to Amazon. Spoke with three managers/leaders at Amazon which were telling me to contact UPS and submit a claim with them. Yet UPS is telling me that their system shows (and Amazon system as well) that the package was delivered and that they have agreement with Amazon and only Amazon can submit a claim for their packages. Submitted a chargeback. I am considering contacting Attorney General or some buyer protection bureau.

      1. I feel your pain my package was a a Laptop paid for by social welfare to help me welfare to work I want to pursue a degree in forensic psychology. I ordered windows eight and those 11 did everything they said exactly how are you did for them say the timeline what’s up and nobody wants to help

  7. I have now had to deal with this issue more than on EIGHT different occassions all within the period of under 2 yrs…..EVERY TIME i return an item (especially when THEY tell me to return it all in ONE box….so THEY save their return ship costs) they end up emailing me a month later that one (sometimes 2) items were not returned and they will recharge me. I have to complain to corp. (EVERY TIME…because Chat svc people fix NOTHING …they only make the situation worse by screwing up another item because they mark the WRONG item as returned, etc….I can NEVER count on Chat to fix any of these issues…so it takes a LOST TOTAL HOUR of finding/copy/pasting/writing lengthy email of complaint…EVERY TIME!…just to send off the complaint email (TODAY INCLUDED…which is why I am here writing this!), only to get back a LAME AUTOMATED EMAIL REPLY…..’thankyou…bla bla bla…we show we have rec’d it and hope we have solved your problem…bla bla bla….and then every time you get their USELESS link to leave feedback….NOTE: FEEDBACK GOES NOWHERE….they don’t even bother to read because if they did, these ENDLESS REPEATED RETURN ISSUES would STOP….but they don’t ….Amazon couldn’t care less about their customers now that their CEO has made his BILLIONS…vs the $10 hooks the customer returns but then is told they will be recharged for??…..BILLIONS vs $10???….they can’t even RESEARCH the item before you are hit with their AUTO ACCUSATORY EMAIL…..there’s corp greed for you!

  8. I returned the wrong item i received and UPS marked it as delivered but Amazon says that they didn’t receive it. I was on the phone with them for several hours only for them to tell me that they don’t have it. UPS delivered it and it was signed for but they don’t care and I’m out 100 bucks. That’s what I get for shopping with amazon.

  9. I ordered a shirt, and received a different shirt but in the plastic bag with the correct item number for the shirt I ordered. I started a return and gave the reason as wrong item sent and wrote a detailed comment about what was wrong. The item was received by Amazon and I was credited, then two months later I got an email saying I had not sent back the item and was being charged again. I called Amazon and the csr could clearly see from the return details what had happened and she credited my account. This went on for five months – I would be credited, then charged again, then call Amazon and get credited again and so on. Each time I was told it would not happen again. Finally after five months I had a csr who got her supervisor and what they did was credit another shirt I had bought for the same price so technically they were not able to fight their own system but I at least got my credit. This would never happen with any other company I have dealt with, but you have got to call Amazon and keep calling until there is a resolution.

  10. Leonid

    Unfortunately, that advice works just temporarily. After a long communication with Amazon, they refunded my credit card. But status “return in transit” continued to stay on the item I returned to Amazon.

    After a month I received the same email and Amazon charged my credit card again.
    I don’t have time for the war with Amazon…

  11. Hello, what’s happen if amazon can’t take back the money from my bank account after ups lost return ? I don’t know what to do

    1. If UPS picked up your return or you gave UPS your return, then Amazon has the tracking number, and Amazon can see that you sent the return back. That is sufficient for Amazon to credit the amount back to you. If an Amazon representative didn’t tell you that, then try again with a different representative because in our experience that has always been the case.

      1. Well I’m going on day 73…74, with proof of delivery of my return with the cost of over $400. And I have spoke with 40 give or take Representatives / fake supervisors. It’s literally a scam. I was told initially it arrived at the Amazon fulfillment center but was just not processed and should not be longer than 2 weeks. As a month passed and I continued to call I was told worst case scenario after 60 days they could manually go in and process the refund. So when 60 days comes around I call and I am told I’m not eligible for the refund because 60 days has passed. Yes you heard that right. So they keep telling me to contact The courier as well even though I have proof it arrived at dock 7 at 9:45 a.m. at the Phoenix fulfillment center exactly where it was supposed to. I do reach out to you UPS and guess how many days it is before a claim is no good? Bingo, 60 days. They know what they are doing and they literally just robbed me.

  12. Amazon is corrupt. I have now had 3 items to £480.00 they claim I haven’t sent back, when I have. They also state I have sent back another item to what they sent. If you complain or go to your credit card provider, they close or ban your account. You can’t win. They will keep sending the same email again and again and there isn’t a phone number to call.

  13. I can’t get anyone on the phone. I have documentation proving they received my return, but they charged it back to me anyway. I was caught in an endless loop with a recorded voice. This is awful!!!

  14. Excellent article and perfect timing that I ran across it as I just received two emails about returns in transit!!

    Thank you!

  15. Excellent article, this helped tremendously!

    Only one nit: as of Feb 10,2022, it’s much harder to actually to actually figure out how to get a human into the chat dialog.

  16. This has not worked for me, they told me the will not give me a refund and just ignore me. I even went on twitter for help with no help.

  17. I also am dealing with Amazon saying they didn’t receive the return. This was a gift return. They keep telling me the tracking number is wrong – I literally copied it from UPS and sent them proof of delivery. This is infuriating.

    1. I am dealing with the exact same thing right now. I am sick of them and filed a complaint with their corporate office.

      1. I am dealing with the EXACT SAME ! However, one customer service rep said they actually received it but since I didn’t check in it I won’t receive my refund. WHY WOULD I CHECK IN IT !! It said delivered to Amazon returns!

  18. I have the receipts, tracking numbers, emails, and chats screen shots and they don’t care still say they never received my return . They are liars

  19. I am still fighting with Amazon about a return I sent them almost a year ago and theh still are lying to me and covering something up. They told ups it was misplaced and won’t return paperwork to ups about it and won’t tell me that at all they just say I sent the wrong item and they are mixing up the items and making it a big mess. I don’t know what to do

  20. Ok, how about that: I’ve sent a return to Amazon.co.uk from Lithuania with tracking number. Tracking number shows that the package is delivered but Amazon claims otherwise.

    1. Amazon seems as if they are running some type of scam. I ordered an Iphone 11 Pro max recently but when the package arrived there was an Iphone 12 Pro in the box.
      The phone I received wouldn’t even turn on and when I got it to finally turn on the battery wouldn’t keep charge, so I contacted support and told them I would like to return the item. Within less than a week I returned the item through DHL because im living in Jamaica. It have been more than a month now and amazon still haven’t refunded my money. DHL Tracking number shows that it was delivered on December 2 but amazon claims that they never receive the item and that I should contact DHL to file a claim. Im out of $834.33 plus it cost me $103.32 to return the junk they sent me. I guess I wont be getting a refund since it was a international return because DHL claims the item was delivered back to amazon return center.

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