What is Remarketing and Why Should You Care? Remarketing Explained

Remarketing is a term you are likely to start hearing more of, with the buzz about the possiblity of a Do Not Track registry. This is both because remarketing is one of the leading uses for online tracking of consumers’ movements on the Internet and across the web, and because remarketing is one of the big reasons that Internet advertisers, Internet marketers, and their lobbying organizations oppose a Do Not Track list.

Google explains remarketing as allowing you “to show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web.” That’s as good a definition as any, and they ought to know, as it’s one of the options provided to their advertisers. That’s why, when you spend time on a company’s website contemplating a purchase, for example, you suddenly see ads for that company all across the Internet. The company being advertised isn’t really everywhere on the Internet, it just seems that way. In fact, that’s one of the purposes of remarketing – to make it so that everywhere you look you see that company’s name. The more you see the company’s name, the more likely you are to return to their site and make that purchase from them.

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But the important point here is that it is you who suddenly see ads for that company everywhere you look online. Other people visiting the same places on the web will not see ads for that site. They will see other ads.


Those ads are following you personally.

That’s right, it’s stalkvertising.

And in order for it to work, the companies who are paying for that stalkvertising, or the marketing companies to whom they are paying those advertising dollears, need to track your moves across the Internet, so that their ads can follow you.

And that is one of the primary reasons that the big Internet advertising companies and organizations are so opposed to a Do Not Track registry, or related legislation.


For more information about the proposed Do Not Track legistlation, see “Do Not Track” List Proposed – What is a Do Not Track List and How Would it Work? We Explain

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