Groupon Celebrates President’s Day by Honoring President Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton, Groupon thinks that you’re absolutely great! For some people, President’s Day is all about the guys whose faces are carved on Mount Rushmore. You know, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and those other two guys. Frankly, we’re still upset that Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday used to be separate holidays in February and got combined into one holiday known as President’s Day. Groupon decided to break out of the traditional mold and celebrate a lesser known president – President Alexander Hamilton of the $10 bill.

Loyalty Frequent Shopper Card Programs Gaining Access to Your Facebook Profile for Cross-Referencing Your Purchases and Shopping Preferences

Once again Facebook, your friendly social media hotspot, is the target of marketers wanting and gaining access to your personal data — as a loyalty frequent shopper card program can use that data to cross-reference your likes and interactions to target your pocketbook. And all of it is correlated to you, personally, without so much as a choice to opt-in.

Top Designers and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Put Fashion Shows Online

Big name designers such as Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Badgley Mischka and Carolina Herrera have taken advantage of digital media by showing their fashion shows online during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Major designers are realizing that online fashion shows are a great way to bring their collection to wider audience, and new designers can produce online fashion show for a fraction of the pricetag of an in-person show, which can cost upwards of $100k.

iPhone 5’s iOS 6 Automatically Opts You In to Being Tracked by Advertisers by Default – Here’s How to Turn it Off

Perhaps iOS 6’s Mapplegate was simply meant to be a great distraction from the fact that Apple is now covertly tracking users through IFA (or IDFA) tracking technology with the iOS 6 update. While Apple had disabled the tracking of iPhone users by advertisers by disallowing app developers from using the data from Apple devices through the unique serial number permanently assigned to each device, it seems that iOS 6 has brought tracking back.

Facebook Allowing Marketers to Target YOUR Facebook Account by Uploading Email Addresses and Phone Numbers to Match to Facebook Users

Well, Facebook has finally done it, they’ve found a way to allow unscrupulous marketers to spam your Facebook account. Facebook will allow advertisers to target users based on personal information such as phone numbers, user IDs, and email addresses. In a confirmation to, Facebook relayed their new marketing program which will begin next week, targeting ads to their “existing customers.”

Expecting a Baby? Facebook Delivers Expectant Parents Into the Snares of Opportunistic Advertisers

With the announcement that they are introducing, “expecting a baby,” as a life event option for parents-to-be, Facebook is once again proving that they have mastered the art of capitalizing on their users’ lives. And in true Facebook fashion, they claim that, no, this is just another thoughtful tool for excited expectant parents to share their overwhelming joy with their loved ones…but that perhaps they will consider using it for advertising at a later date.

Newt Gingrich Campaign Smacks Supporters and Donors in the Face by Selling Their Email Addresses to Spammers

In a move that is not unheard of, but completely reprehensible, defeated Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is selling off his campaign’s donor and activist email list as the campaign attempts to crawl out of their $4 million hole of debt. And perhaps “slithering” is a better word as Newt is slapping his donors right in the face by not just selling their email addresses to other political campaigns, but to any unscrupulous company with equally slippery ethics.

Slashdot RSS Feed Features Racy Ads

Slashdot, that ubertech, ubergeek site that we all know and love, has inserted “Ads by Google” Adsense ads into the Slash dot RSS feed for a while. Nothing wrong with that. But lately some of the ads have been really racy. Take, for example, this ad (see screen capture below) for the online dating site Anastasia Dates, at

McDonald’s Goes After Mommy Bloggers

Forget the two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. What’s hot these days at McDonald’s is mommy bloggers. That’s right. While multi-million dollar television advertising campaigns are certainly no thing of the past, the new marketing frontier which McDonald’s is openly mining is mommy bloggers. Mommy bloggers are just what they sound like – moms who blog. And they can mean big business, as some of these mom bloggers have a substantial following.

What is Remarketing and Why Should You Care? Remarketing Explained

Remarketing is a term you are likely to start hearing more of, with the buzz about the possiblity of a Do Not Track registry. This is both because remarketing is one of the leading uses for online tracking of consumers’ movements on the Internet and across the web, and because remarketing is one of the big reasons that Internet advertisers, Internet marketers, and their lobbying organizations oppose a Do Not Track list. Remarketing, you see, is online advertising that follows you around the web or, as we call it, stalkvertising.