The “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” Scam

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If you got a confirmation of resetting your password from Facebook today, but you don’t remember asking to reset your password, there’s a reason. It’s a scam. And it’s a particularly tricky scam, because it plays on your fear that someone else is scamming you by trying to guess your password. But the reality is that whomever sent you your version of the scam is the one trying to scam you. The versions we’ve seen claim to come from either Chasity Stahr,, or Mara Krafft

Fortunately, at least judging by the copies we’ve seen so far, these are really stupid scammers. Because while they got the ‘spoofing the return address on the email’ right, they completely missed the boat when it comes including the attachment (likely a virus) referenced in the email, or to putting a fake link in the email to steal your Facebook password. The link, which looks like it goes to actually does go to, rather than some phishing clone site, and there is no other place for you to take action that would be even remotely useful to the scammers.

Here are a couple of versions of the scam that we have seen in the past 24 hours. Obviously if the version you get does include the attachment, don’t open it!:

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The “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” Scam

Subject: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation
Date: September 20, 2010 10:45:07 AM MDT



You have requested a new password.

You can see your new password in the attachment.

Please note that this letter has been sent to all contact emails associated with your profile. If you did not request a new password, it’s likely that another person has mistakenly attempted to log in with the help of your login.

For more information, visit our Help Center at

Thank you,

The Facebook Security

from Facebook Support, Chasity Stahr
date Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 10:39 AM
subject Facebook Password Reset Confirmation


You have just requested a new password.

You can see your new password in attached file.

Please note that this email has been sent to all contact emails connected to your profile. If you did not request a new password, it seems that another user has mistakenly attempted to log in with the help of your login.

For more information, visit our Help Center at



The Facebook Security

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The “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” Scam

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11 thoughts on “The “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” Scam

  1. i am a broken widow facebook is all i have to put puzzles together etc out of a clear blue sky i have lost it i have tried to follow directions for 2 days nothing i follow directions to no avail is this a scam i have no money

  2. This woman Norma Salazar hacked my account and is using it. I can’t get it back share changed the password . I made another account and requested who ever is using my old account to be my friend and she accepted. Please help me stop her

  3. I got an email that said someone had tagged me in a post, so I clicked to view that post and within seconds my account was frozen….(for my protection of course), so then it wanted me to go in and reset my password, but being the untrusting person that I am, I didn’t do it because I think it is someone bad trying to get into my. account. Only problem is….now what do I do? there is not FB support and I can’t even get into FB at all now. How do I fix this problem. There is some site that wants to charge me $5….but again….once they get my CC# who knows what they will do…..I am captive…now what

  4. I have same problem I can’t get into my fb password or email are always wrong they give me a chance to start a new account I finally get on Facebook until I log out. Then it starts the same thing as before. I have over 5 of fb accounts that are with my name that I can’t get into. Even got a new phone still has scam! So frustrating

  5. Facebook let me set up my account using my email address, now facebook wont let me back into my account or my facebook page, everytime I try to log in it redirects to a roadblock, and facebook insists I confirm using a mobile phone number, facebook has a link on that page that says why am I seeing this? then goes to the facebook help that again offers no help, it again says I must use a mobile phone number to log in, I am on a modem, and do not text or want a mobile phone… yet facebook is allowing other people to post anything on my facebook page while it will not let me back in to control what is being posted there or to even see what is being posted on my facebook page,,, I keep asking facebook for help and reporting the log in bug, but facebook keeps sending form letters offing no help over this issue, and in those emails, they want me to use a paint program to copy the redirect log in to my desktop,,, I need help to get facebook to let me use my email account to get back in, and their verification and mobile phone scam is very annoying and they wont help or send me to a place where they will help…!

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