Facebook Reveals All of Your Applications to Your Friends

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  • Facebook Reveals All of Your Applications to Your Friends


There is a meme going around this week, concerning Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and how he supposedly said that concerns over Facebook privacy were “overblown”. In fact, nearly 1,000 sites, including the Telegraph, the Latest Business Report, and SFGate, are reporting that, and we quote, “Facebook privacy concerns overblown, suggests Mark Zuckerberg.” However, in the actual interview on which these sites are reporting – an interview that Zuckerberg did with the New Yorker’s Jose Antonio Vargas – Zuckerberg never actually says that the concerns are overblown – in fact he doesn’t use the term “overblown” at all. Good thing too, because we just discovered that with a single click, Facebook is now revealing all of the applications that you use to your friends, and vice versa. (See screen shot below.)

What Mark Zuckerberg actually said about privacy concerns to Vargas was that Facebook privacy is a “third-rail issue”, and that “A lot of people who are worried about privacy and those kinds of issues will take any minor misstep that we make and turn it into as big a deal as possible… We realize that people will probably criticize us for this for a long time, but we just believe that this is the right thing to do.”

Well, hrmmm…do you believe that this is “the right thing to do”?:



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(By the way, in the interest of protecting the privacy of our Facebook friends, we have of course obscured the names of everybody who is pictured in the screen shot above, but if anybody who is shown there would also like their picture to be obscured, please just let us know.)

Frankly, we were shocked when we clicked on the “Applications” link of our Facebook account last night, and were presented with two “Applications” sections: “Your Applications” and “Friends’ Applications”. It quickly became apparent that “Friends’ Applications” showed us every single stinking application that all 796 of our friends was using.



At least, we think so. What do you think?

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Facebook Reveals All of Your Applications to Your Friends

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  • Facebook Reveals All of Your Applications to Your Friends

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