Amazon Threatens Me with Termination of My Top Reviewer Status for No Real Reason

A little over a year ago we told you how to become an Amazon reviewer that gets free stuff in exchange for writing reviews. Then, in October of 2016 Amazon changed the rules and ever since then reviewers are no longer allowed to receive free or discounted things in exchange for writing a review (with books being the one exception). In fact, if a reviewer is caught receiving products in exchange for a review they can be terminated as a reviewer, with all of their reviews deleted. (That actually happened to their #1 reviewer, without Amazon giving him any explanation at all.)

Unboxing and Hands On Review of the Amazon Echo Look

We just received our Amazon Echo Look (it’s currently by invitation only), and here is our review based on our initial impressions. First and foremost, this thing is much smaller than we ever would have imagined. Second, it is a full-on Amazon Echo, with Alexa and all of her tricks packed into its diminutive body. And third, it’s both more, and less, of a privacy nightmare than we’d initially thought it would be. Lastly, it’s great for selfies!

Is it Really Possible to Manage Your Online Reputation?

“Your reputation precedes you,” has never been truer than today, especially for businesses, given the Internet and online reputation. And most especially because the Internet persists. With millions of people taking to Yelp, Google Reviews, Amazon reviews, and more, it’s not surprising that businesses are worrying more than ever about online reputation management, and paying for online reputation management tools.

Anne’s List

Hi! I’m Anne P. Mitchell, attorney at law, and publisher of The Internet Patrol, among many other things. I’ve been on the Internet for a very long time, and over the years I have accumulated a list of things, ranging from books, to services, to electronics, and everything in between, that I can highly recommend. Here they are.

Have Your Starbucks Order Waiting for You with Remote Mobile Ordering

The newest version of the Starbucks app allows you to order and pay right from the app, and have your drinks and food waiting for you when you arrive! This means that you don’t even have to stand in line, you just go right to the pickup area, and it’s there waiting for you! What’s more, every Starbucks barrista we’ve asked has said that they actually prefer it when customers order with Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay; it’s a win-win! You don’t have to stand in line or sit in your car at the drive-through, and they prefer it!

List of Words that Will Get Your Amazon Review Rejected

There are many banned words that are prohibited in Amazon reviews, and that will get your review rejected in a New York minute. Unhelpfully, Amazon doesn’t offer a list of forbidden words, and they don’t let you know the offending word or words in their rejection notice. So we have decided to create a list here. Below are the words that we know or suspect will get your review rejected by Amazon – please help fellow Amazon reviewers by adding to this list.

Our Pick for Best iPhone 4 and 4s Battery Case

We have toyed with the idea of getting an iPhone 4 case with battery for some time now, but until now we hadn’t done much beyond comparing the various iPhone 4 battery cases. But recently we found ourselves in need of an extended battery for the iPhone 4s (and thus an iPhone 4 extended battery case – or, as they are sometimes known, an iPhone 4 charger case). In fact, an iPhone 4 battery pack case, battery charger case, and battery case all refer to the same thing: an iPhone 4 rechargeable battery case. This is because a battery case for the iPhone 4 (and the iPhone 5, for that matter) contains an external battery pack which in turn feeds a charge to your native iPhone battery. This is our iPhone 4 battery case review with our pick for the best case, after looking at several types of iPhone charger cases (although we did not review the once-popular Exolife iPhone 4 battery case, as they are currenty not available).