Yelp Used to Review Jails and Prisons

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A new category of reviews has been added to Yelp: correctional facilities. Yes, believe it or not, there are reviews for prisons and jails from coast to coast, including Rikers Island (New York) to the Los Angeles County Jail (California) and locations in-between.

Many of the reviews are, of course, spoofs, but some of them seem to be based in reality.


Observed one review, “Having a friend in the DA office in Los Angeles sure does have its perks. I got to go see the cage and what happens to people that get thrown in here for various crimes as racial hate, rape, murder and various other crimes committed. It is overcrowded and most definitely can use some help in trying to correct some of these people accused of these wrongful crimes. Chowchilla is one in particular I believe (or near Folsom for women, I forgot the name) stands out for me as this one is a place for a woman who has commited the crime of which is unmentionable here on Yelp. Do good things and good things happen. Do bad, and you deserve it.”



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Said a spokeswoman for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, regarding whether they reviewed the Yelp prison reviews, “Who has time? I don’t know anyone in the department that does. We’re under enormous challenges right now and, frankly, don’t have time.”

“These types of reviews demonstrate the desire of the community to share their personal experiences with all types of businesses, services and places,” said Yelp.

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