List of Words that Will Get Your Amazon Review Rejected

list of words banned by amazon
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There are many banned words that are prohibited in Amazon reviews, and that will get your review rejected in a New York minute. Unhelpfully, Amazon doesn’t offer a list of forbidden words, and they don’t let you know the offending word or words in their rejection notice. So we have decided to create a list here. Below are the words that we know or suspect will get your review rejected by Amazon – please help fellow Amazon reviewers by adding to this list.

Of course, as we point out in an update to How to Become an Amazon Reviewer and Get Free Stuff, Amazon no longer allows you to even review stuff for free, so there’s little incentive to also try and deal with Amazon’s rejecting your review for an unknowable infraction; you have to really care about getting the word out about your experience with a product simply for the betterment of mankind.

So, if Amazon won’t tell you why your review got rejected, how will you know which word caused the rejection? Most of us figure this out by trial and error. For example, we posted the following review of a bedboard:

The Box They Were Shipped in Would Be Better than They Were
I was so hopeful about these, but I have to agree with the other reviewers who said you could just flatten a cardboard box and put it under your mattress. I ended up putting in a sheet of plywood instead. These things are so flimsy that they *arrived* with a hole poked through one panel, and I have no doubt it was from someone’s finger when they packed or shipped it.

Now, this review was rejected. Why? Our best guess is that it had the words ‘hole’ and ‘finger’, and indeed, when we rewrote the review, removing those two words, and reposted it – tahdah – the review was accepted.

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Now, whether there is also a proximity sensor (or, should we say, censor) in the Amazon review checking algorithms, we don’t know. Perhaps it was because ‘finger’ was within 15 words of ‘hole’, and maybe if there had been a larger spread (and we bet those two words would get a review rejected as well) it would have been ok.

But, by removing just those words, and reposting the review, it was accepted. And so, ‘finger’ and ‘hole’ go on the list.

Here’s another one that got rejected:

Perfect if Your Hat Size is “Small”!
This hat is perfect! It is cute, water repellant, and can be folder or rolled up to fit in your pocket or purse! The one thing that I would caution is that it fits me *perfectly*, and I take a size “small” in hats. So, if you ordinarily wear a larger-sized hat, this may not be the hat for you.

Reposting this, taking out the terms ‘size’, ‘small’, and ‘larger’ got the review accepted. In this case, we substituted “L”, “XL”, and “diminutive”.

Pretty ridiculous, and if these reviews were being reviewed by humans, this likely wouldn’t happen. On the other hand, machine scanning of submitted reviews is undoubtedly the only way that Amazon can do this, given the sheer volume of reviews that are submitted.

It’s also important to note that there are other things that can get your review rejected, including grammatical mistakes (yes, really, and we applaud Amazon for this), putting things not related to the actual product in the review (this includes talking about the packaging or shipping), and using language that can be construed as insulting people who disagree with your viewpoint (and especially insulting other reviewers).

Here’s what Amazon says is verbotten, in their guidelines on writing reviews:

Objectionable material:
Obscene or distasteful content
Profanity or spiteful remarks
Promotion of illegal or immoral conduct

Promotional content:
Advertisements, promotional material or repeated posts that make the same point excessively
Sentiments by or on behalf of a person or company with a financial interest in the product or a directly competing product (including reviews by publishers, manufacturers, or third-party merchants selling the product)
Reviews written for any form of compensation other than a free copy of the product. This includes reviews that are a part of a paid publicity package
Solicitations for helpful votes

For more information on what we consider promotional content, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Inappropriate content:
Other people’s material (this includes excessive quoting)
Phone numbers, postal mailing addresses, and URLs external to
Videos with watermarks
Comments on other reviews visible on the page (because page visibility is subject to change without notice)
Foreign language content (unless there is a clear connection to the product)

Off-topic information:
Feedback on the seller, your shipment experience or the packaging (you can do that at and
Details about availability or alternative ordering and shipping information
Feedback about typos or inaccuracies in our catalog or product description (instead, use the feedback form at the bottom of the product page).

A more succinct – but equally applicable – list is Amazon’s recommendations for customer discussions:

Behave as if you were a guest at a friend’s dinner party. Please treat the community with respect. Do not post:

Profane or obscene, inflammatory or spiteful comments
Messages that abuse, denigrate or threaten others
Text or articles written by someone else, even with attribution for the author, except for brief quotations from a book, article or other product related to the discussion
Any personal information about children under 13
Descriptions that intrude on the privacy of another person, including revealing personally identifiable information such as their name or address
Text that promotes illegal or immoral conduct
Repeated posts that make the same point excessively
Repeated unwelcome messages that harass or embarrass other customers or participants
Repeated posts that promote an item in the catalog
Any form of “spam,” including advertisements, contests, or other solicitations for other websites or companies; or any URL link that includes a “referrer” tag or affiliate code.

Do not impersonate another person, including an employee.

We recommend that you do not post your phone number or e-mail address.

All that said, here, so far, is our list; we have culled these both from our own experiences, and the experiences of those who have posted their own frustrations online. We are not going to spell out the obvious ones, both because they should be, well, obvious, and also because we want this list to be useful, and those words will trip people’s filters. Also, sometimes a review will get through even with one or more of these words; but if you have had a review rejected, it’s worth checking for these words.

Note that the examples, as absurd as they may seem, are primarily taken from actual review rejections.

Don’t forget to use our comment form to add yours to the list.

List of Words which Will Get Your Amazon Review Rejected

• Obviously, George Carlin’s 7 words you can’t say on television.
• Anything related to fecal matter.
• Anything related to urine.
• Hole (at least in the same review with certain other words)
• Finger (at least in the same review with certain other words)
• Size (at least in the same review with certain other words)
• Anything starting with “cock..” (such as ‘cockeyed’)
• Anything starting with “foc..” (such as ‘focus’, ‘fockewulf’, etc.)
• Anything starting with “fuc..”
• Abuse (or any derivative, such as ‘abuser’, ‘abused’)
• Dick
• Weed
• Moron or moronic
• Anything starting with “ass..” (such as ‘assist’, ‘assinine’, ‘assistant’, etc..)
• Doo-wop
• Any derogatory racial or ethnic term (such as ‘Russkies’)
• Anything that is an insult or slur
• Character
• Fux (name of composer)
• Nigg (name of author)
• Gangbanger
• Pedagogy


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39 thoughts on “List of Words that Will Get Your Amazon Review Rejected

  1. I had a similar experience happen to me. I posted a good review to Amazon regarding their excellent care in packing a box of light bulbs that I needed ASAP.
    And they rejected the review! WTH?! Seriously?! I was giving them a compliment! Their claim that my review was biased and that I was trying to manipulate buyers into buying the brand I was discussing. Huh?!
    Absolutely NOTHING in my review was manipulative in any manner.
    Fine. No more reviews from me, then. See if I care. Obviously, Amazon, when they see that I won’t, anymore.

  2. Been banned by Amazon and past reviews deleted. Y ?? – could only figure out that I said “ty for fast amazon service” and didn’t realize this gets one banned. I appealed and now they say I can no longer even ask a question about a product !! This to me makes me think someone is behind flamming Amazon – and anti-amozonian working for Bezos !! Will probably not renew when annual is up – but the negative is – sellers will not know about their products – positive is – less time consumed by not writing reviews. If my account stays open, I will never write a review again. Why bother?? Read someplace that if you fight amazon they sell/give/ your CC info to a third party. Don’t know if this is true.

  3. I got the “unusual review activity on my account” last week when I tried to review something. Now all my reviews have disappeared.

    No problem. I’ve never done anything even slightly shady with my reviews, but now that I know how worthless Amazon’s algorithms are in distinguishing between sincere reviews and fakes, I can skip the reviews and shop a lot faster without them.

    Kidding! I won’t be shopping there any more. It’s a shame; I’ve been a customer since 1998. Looks like we won’t make it to our 25-year anniversary.

    If Amazon had been smart, they would have told use nothing and kept each review visible to just the reviewers. At least we’d still have our reviews to refer to (sometimes it’s handy to be able to read why you did or didn’t like a particular item) and would never know the difference.

    1. What you explained, is exactly what I just went through yesterday (8/13/22) as Amazon “denied/rejected” 9 of my product reviews. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my reviews other than maybe saying a product “runs small” or something along those lines. I got ahold of their, so-called, “Customer Service” people, asking them to explain exactly what was wrong with any of my reviews. All I got in return was some unnecessary lip service that NEVER answered my question. When I replied for the 3rd time, they simply ignored me now. I guess unless you praise their products (most of them are made in China anyway… appalling), they deny your reviews. I was using their Amazon Photos app, but I’ve redownloaded all my photos/videos and have closed that part of my Prime membership. Like you, I’m a long-time customer, but it appears that this “relationship” will be coming to an end!

  4. To save time I wrote 4 reviews in English on the site and was disappointed to find they were all rejected:
    1. 36 piece jig-saw puzzle for 4+ year-olds 4 stars. “Great progressive puzzle
    The actual-size picture of the puzzle proved very useful for one less confident 4-year old who was able to lay the pieces onto the picture before joining them up.
    Product and packaging quality was better than expected given previous reviews and my young friend… ” the rest is missing.

    2. Pair of radiator hooks 5 stars. “Brilliant radiator hooks
    I’ve bought 10 of these over the last two years and the oldest ones look as good as the newest. Perfect for hanging towels up away from the wall, stylish and easy to clean”

    3. Clothes pegs “Poor, poor design
    I think these pegs have been over-designed!
    The plastic is soft and hopefully won’t become brittle, they may be robust but the pegs do not stay in place on the line which is their whole purpose!
    Very disappointing as they have a premium price point. ”

    4. Box of FFP2 masks 3 stars, I recall. “Nice design but poorly assembled
    Used the pink, black and white version on two ski holidays.
    The only failing was the attachment of the cords to the mask, but this is key to the mask’s functionality.
    Suggest better glue is used, or the cord is threaded through a hole in the mask and a knot… ” the rest is missing.

    I’d love to know where I went wrong!!

  5. So, I just had a review rejected because I said the product packaging protected the product in spite of it arriving late and the box looking like it fell off the back of the (I did NOT say Amazon) truck and rolled down the street.
    They apparently won’t let you say anything about the delivery or seller in a product review and not always about the packaging.
    The rejection included the following “Feedback on the seller or your shipment experience should be provided at” BUT, the seller was Amazon and delivery was via Amazon, and the DO NO give you the option of reviewing THEM!

  6. MY DIGNITY RESTORED (Banned from Amazon phony baloney comments). Just found out tonight when I accidentally hit the ‘Write a review’ button. Now, I consider this a badge of honor. Most of my experiences with products have been 5 star, and I say so. I became very suspicious when the bad reviews started getting rejected. Like the pathway lights that were dangerous because they were so bright they momentarily blinded you, and I mentioned they yet were too dim for landscape up lighting. Another product I mentioned could be dangerous was also rejected. Then just bad products causing bad reviews started getting rejected. I realized Amazon has degenerated into a phony baloney review system not even allowing comments about bad, possibly counterfeit items sold on Amazon. So with negative reviews rejected, I decided to give everything 5 stars with a review that said I’m not giving a review, just 5 stars to absolutely everything because Amazon wouldn’t post a negative review anyway. They all got rejected and apparently got some humans attention. I had begun my climb to reclaim my dignity, by disassociating myself from Amazon comments. I decided to post only honest 5 star reviews, and not post anything on negative products. Now, some of those posted reviews did slip in comments like ‘Amazon doesn’t post reviews that are negative’. So today I find out I’ve been wiped out of existence on Amazon’s reviews…. and my dignity can therefore not be questioned.

  7. I buy a lot of things on Amazon, Went to review an item 2 days ago and was confronted with a message that due to “unusual review activity on my account,” I could not review the item, and ALL my previous reviews were removed, even several previously voted as helpful. I sent an email to So far, crickets.

    1. Hi Dawn, I was astounded to receive that identical message today, and I am a long-term, spend too much money shopper on Amazon. I sent the e-mail as suggested, but was too anxious, curious, upset to wait for a response (none received so far) so I phoned in and spoke to someone directly, although I can’t pronounce his name. Nevertheless, I was told my reviews will be restored, and I should be able to write reviews within 72 hours. I was ready to delete Prime, and kick Amazon to the curb.

  8. Back around 2017 I had left reviews on all I had got from amazon over the years going back to when I started in 2003.
    If a seller sent what was the same product yet it did something odd I said so.
    Example was a USB SD card reader that was not for XD did in fact fully test and work with those cards. (I have tools,software and know hardware so to keep this short, trust me. It passed every test I could dream of).
    AMAZON also made changes to some of their apps they made and how it would no longer do what was paid for and they never said this was going to happen except when asked by a tech. mag as a parting question.
    I said on the review they should have emailed users before that so we would know and it not be a shock from finding it online.
    Yes, thay did change it and so my review got many marks for being a help.

    One day I had issues getting a review to send.
    Many server errors later and it took it.
    I was a little upset so I got away from reviews for some time.

    I now find they banned and removed all my reviews at some time and never told me or gave a chance to work with them to resolve the issue.

    I spent a year not getting a word from anyone and now just figure AMAZON is a bully that removed all ways to e-mail what was good support I once cold find long ago.
    (It should be a law that any business has a real email and real people from that company on them and full support options if they think of taking any action on a person. we need protected rights for real reviews).

    I have been at this dead end till I am truly sick and do not feel well.
    I can never get the same level of support from a brand like ANKER as they seem to jump on reviews and not when I deal direct.
    If you can not sing how good a brand is then why loose money to support a person?
    Not like anyone is going to hear about it and also use the excuse they are banned on reviews so the issue sent to AMAZON on a product may not be real and let the consumer sit with a bad product.

    I fear AMAZON.
    I live where not even the Walmart has what is shown on TV ads on selection.
    Not many hardware stores.
    Life bans should not be a thing if you did nothing against the law.
    Their AI is judge dread and no one to fix the result.

    If any government branch went after AMAZON…… Well… I can not say I would be broken up over it after making me feel something was so wrong with what I said that I needed to be removed from the sight of the world and silenced..

    Funny. That one bad review about them on AMAZON, they forgot to remove….
    Does not look good for them being that way so why do it?

    I fear giving any info because who can help me if they ban my account?
    No one…

    Till firm protection and law is in place, I can never try to get any help to place back my real and true reviews I give without pay or free product.
    Strange as AMAZON has their own free and compensated review programs as a note but seem to be hitting others….

    So I am alone..
    No voice and in total fear of what AMAZON could do if I speak up for my self.

    Was that what AMAZON wanted?
    Remove all real support emails and dump us to forum help where shoppers take stabs at being support?

    I feel I have no rights.
    Just a number they milk for money… :(

  9. So let me get this straight. I’m supposed to provide objective, free content for Jeff Bezos so he can more stuff. The box full of text simply disappears. With no reason given.

    Meanwhile, I have to use clairvoyance and skill to evade the fake reviews, paid reviews, and disinformation posted by anyone who is connected with the seller or who has an axe to grind. After all that, I may yet receive a counterfeit product which, if I sold, would bring a lengthy federal prison term.

    What’s not to like? I charged several hundred dollars an hour for my professional services in my last business. Why should I give a billionaire content for free, when he can’t even have the decency to establish clear rules?

  10. So happy to read, I had a Mac Laptop review rejected. I was so happy and it was glowing and (I don’t know where you find the rejected review? It’s not posted, I didn’t keep a record.) I was impressed at how beautifully it was packaged and was like brand new except for one teenie nick. With 5 photos. I was SOOOO happy. I read those guidelines a few times and ????

    After reading here I’m wondering if “nick” is too close to “D_” and I wrote about the “unboxing” and also, when I wrote my second review (didn’t get a rejection note but don’t see it anywhere?) I questioned why my first review was rejected? I also wrote I felt “so blessed” and wondered if that was the problem?

    A well, that’ll learn me.

  11. I left a review for Camphor oil –
    Good quality, used to mothproof a wardrobe. It was rejected. Maybe “wardrobe” is slang for something?

  12. Doo Wop. On reviewing Doo wop CD’s by artists such as the Echoes or The Five Satins, my reviews were rejected.

  13. Thanks for this article that explains a few things at Amazon reviews. Most of my reviews have been accepted even when I said I didn’t buy the product at amazon. My latest review just got rejected:
    Product rotted in about 6 months

    I bought the bulk supplements sucralose in May in anticipation of needing it later. I had it stored in my kitchen. Just the other day, I get it out and find that the package has yellow spots all over it. When I opened it, the sucralose was contaminated with a yellow substance. Sucralose is normally snow white. This company has some serious quality control problems and I would not buy from them again.

    I included a photo with a circle around the bad spots on the package. After reading your article, I’m guessing that they freaked over the word “package”. It doesn’t apply to the shipping packaging, but to the product itself, but apparently their bot couldn’t tell the difference.

    That said, Amazon should at the very least have a “Appeal Rejection” button. People take the time to submit these things and Amazon should respect that.

  14. I just had my fist rejected review on Amazon. As a very long term prime member, frequent purchaser and occasional reviewer on Amazon , I felt, well, hurt! Deeply hurt. I also felt indignant because Amazon gave me not a hint about what was wrong with my review. All I got was a reference to Amazon’s interminable guidelines, which I dutifully read—twice. Nothing derogatory in my review, except toward the product, nothing salacious, no swearing so what was going on. I searched for a way to reach Amazon for answers but, of course, Amazon doesn’t like to be reached so that was a flop. Then I found this website and article and now I no longer feel hurt. Thank you. Instead, I join those who recognize that those folks at Amazon are “stupid bots” I ended up deleting everything in my review that remotely could be seen as contrary to the guidelines (reference to bad packaging to account for warped product, general reference to high marks from another reviewer, mention that this was the second filter ordered from Amazon with similar problems) and resubmitted. My second review is being “reviewed” as we speak. I fear it will be rejected because the guidelines state that an amended, rejected review of the same product will not be accepted. Yet many of those commenting here note that they had their amended reviews accepted. There is no consistency about this nor with respect to the acceptance or rejection of reviews by Amazon. I have read hundreds of reviews referring to packaging, shipping, the seller, other products, other reviewers, and using words on your list. No longer hurt but now suffering from Amazon reviewer’s paralysis. Just won’t do any more reviews and I can tell you, mine were very helpful.

  15. Hello. I gave a FelPro gasket set a 5 star rating. However my review of said gasket set was rejected. I have included the review verbatim in the following paragraph.

    Packaging was a little unorthodox. But was securely packed with thick cardboard & bubble wrap. The FelPro gasket set was still sealed up tight. I will be waiting until warmer weather arrives to install the gasket set. So far everything looks great.

    If anyone can find a fault in this Review please let me know what it is.


    1. John, generally speaking Amazon will reject reviews that are about anything other than the actual product itself, so the packaging, the shipping, etc.. Yeah, lots of them get through, but lots of them don’t.

  16. Update: My review was rejected because it was critical of my being unable to contact the seller. Apparently criticizing, or criticizing your ability to reach, the seller will get the review rejected. I don’t think this is clarified in the Guidelines explicitly enough.

  17. My Amazon review just got rejected for no good reason. I read the Community Rules and not one rule was broken. Here it is: “Pros? Very cheap, charged fast.
    Cons? Lasted 4 and a half months and then died; the seller is absolutely impossible to reach on Amazon or via Google for that ‘lifetime warranty’ (Amazon customer service was awesome, though, and helped me out)”

  18. Was this rejected due to the word “broken” perhaps? I am dumbfounded! Help! This is all new to me and I feel so repressed now… :

    Broken seal – bottle opened

    I thought I would order a few oils online instead of going to stores (new baby) – probably a mistake that I will not make again. My bottle of NOW brand Neem oil had been previously opened. It had a broken seal. Who knows what it is?!

    I have contacted the seller so will see how that goes. In the meantime I have a product I cannot use. If I cannot be sure of what is in there I will not use it. Not even on my plants! Not so pleased.

  19. I’ve been a prime member from about 2001. I think I have left some old reviews but it has been at least a year. I can give stars to items but if I try to leave a review it says I have violated the terms. I have no idea what is wrong. I only leave helpful info but I did complain just a few minutes ago that a product I received was missing heavy parts so the shipping should have caught the problem since the whole package probably weighs less than the complete item. I sent that about 30 seconds before my I tried to review. Can that get me banned?

  20. First, thank you for the list! It is both useful and gave me a laugh.

    I’ve been with Amazon for around 4 years and write A LOT of reviews. Maybe one in 100 is rejected. I think that the person who left a product review that complained about the shipping time and suggested the supplier be avoided was likely rejected because it had nothing to do with the product. The review should have been left in “Seller Feedback”. I am not an authority on the review system at Amazon, but the reviews that have been rejected were explained at the moment of submission as having been rejected due to suspect review behavior for the product generally. Still, it’s a little annoying to spend time reviewing a product only to have it rejected for reasons that could be declared BEFORE I put the time in, i.e… “Notice: Reviews for this product are not being accepted due to unusual review behavior.” Or something like that. And those with language barrier issues in customer support might consider using the Chat option and try being considerate to the people helping them, more flies with honey and all that.

    It is of note to mention that Amazon is a conglomerate of vendors and not directly responsible for the prices the sellers set for their products. Products fulfilled by Amazon are not necessarily owned by Amazon but rather supplied to Amazon by the seller for the convenience of the packaging and shipping they provide. It is stated on the product page if an item is fulfilled by Amazon or comes directly from the merchant.

  21. I was just banned for life today from leaving reviews and have no idea why, it is not as if I leave that many reviews.

  22. Ha! I think I’m the winner here so far. “Homosexual” is a banned word. I watched the movie Allies with Brad Pitt. I wrote a positive 4-star review, but mentioned that its portrayal of open and accepted homosexuality (in this case, lesbians) was incorrect, as homosexuality in the ’40s in Britain was illegal and highly prosecuted. My review was rejected, all of my past reviews were deleted (hundreds over the last few years), and I was banned from reviewing anything on Amazon.
    I win!!

  23. Good article.

    My problem has to do with the fact that I left a mostly positive review for a computer display product that included details of a problem that I encountered. My motivation for leaving the review was to give useful information to other potential users. The rejection did not allow me to write another review and included the text, “Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased”

    That is confusing as my account is a business account set up by my employer, a Massachusetts University.

  24. My glowing review for a product was rejected twice. Now I’m just giving up, which doesn’t seem fair to the company that sells such a nice item. Stupid bots.

  25. Whats wrong with this reviews which was for window blinds?

    You get what you pay for.
    One damaged on arrival but easily repaired. I guess you get what you pay for and these rolls are very cheap. I have a similar set in another room of another brand that are much better, but these ones are just to keep the light out in the bedroom. And that they will do. I don’t really care much about what they look like really. I doubt they will last so long. Even though they are “no screws required” in reality the sticky tape and brackets probably won’t last long and no tape is included for the cord loop.

    1. I strongly suspect that it’s the “screws” part. I just had a review rejected and the only thing I can see with it is that it contains the words “screw” and “screwed.” Of course, both are used in reference to attaching two pieces of the product to each other with an actual screw with absolutely no suggestion of any double entendre or otherwise inappropriate reference.

  26. Okay, I remove the word ‘crap’ and replaced it with ‘no good’. I left the word ‘Characters’ in it. And it was accepted.

    Just FYI.

  27. You can’t use “character” in a review of a novel???????????????????????????

  28. Apparently, you also can’t mention Ebay or Paypal in your review, or Amazon will reject it. Nervous much, Amazon?

  29. Sako, your review was likely rejected due to the words “seller” and “delivery”. Which was appropriate, since you were reviewing the seller’s service, and not the product itself. See the above, which is pasted directly from Amazon’s review guidelines page:
    “Off-topic information:
    Feedback on the seller, your shipment experience or the packaging (you can do that at and”

  30. This is the review I published today. It was rejected by amazon. There is nothing rude in there. Just merely stating the truth.
    I believe Amazon has reached its height and now starting to ‘control’ their customers activity. They’ve reached their height and are now in the downfall.

    I am moving my products and services out of amazon. Such a shame of a greedy non loyal company protecting their rubbish suppliers.

    Please read my comment and make your own judgment. I will be posting this to every possible forum I find until I am satisfied amazon cannot intervene and control:

    Total disappointment in the seller

    The delivery time was unacceptable.
    It has been 3 weeks already and still waiting…
    Do not purchase from this supplier if you need items to be delivered on time!

    I assume what the seller is doing is ordering from China once you ordered from them. If I wanted to order from China I would do this on ebay…. I don’t need UK based supplier

  31. I haven’t had the problem of reviews being rejected. But I have experienced many comments deleted. Sometimes I suspected it was a particular word. For example, every time I refer to anyone or anything as “ignorant,” the comment disappears. Yet I just noticed a book review that has the word “ignorant” in it. Are reviews and comments to reviews treated differently? Are there words allowed in reviews that aren’t allowed in comments?

  32. Your hat size may be “small” but your brain is XL, Anne. XLannt? (Well, that almost scans…)

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