Amazon Announces 5% Rebate when Using Amazon Visa at Whole Foods

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As Amazon continues to cross-pollinate with its new toy, Whole Foods, many have been looking forward to reduced prices at the Whole Foods checkout line, which they have started to see. Now, in addition to reduced prices, Amazon has announced that holders of their Amazon Prime Rewards Visa will get a 5% cash back bonus on all Whole Foods purchases.

Previously the only way to get a full 5% back with the Amazon Prime Visa was on purchases directly from Amazon (purchases with the Amazon Prime Visa at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores get 2% back, and all other purchases get 1% back).


Non-Prime Amazon Rewards Visas get 3% cashback at Whole Foods (and on instead of the full 5%. If you have a non-Prime Amazon Rewards Visa, you can upgrade your regular Amazon Rewards Visa to an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa here.

Of course there is at least one downside to the marriage of Amazon and Whole Foods: many beloved staples have disappeared from the shelves of Whole Foods across the country.

And there are at least two downsides that come immediately to mind in using your Amazon Prime Visa (remember it’s connected to your Amazon account) at Whole Foods, or anywhere else, really:

1. You’re using a credit card at a place you might ordinarily pay cash or use a debit card; and perhaps much more importantly

2. Amazon now has even more data about you personally which they can mine.

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Amazon Announces 5% Rebate when Using Amazon Visa at Whole Foods

Now they no longer just know your purchasing habits directly on Amazon, but they have access to your purchasing habits at Whole Foods, and at whatever other place you happen to use your Amazon credit card.

If, however, neither of these bother you, here’s the rest of the information you need to know, direct from Amazon:

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Earn 5% cash back with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card at all Whole Foods Market stores, including Whole Foods Market 365 stores.

{If you don’t already have an Amazon Rewards Visa} learn more about how to apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. If you are approved, you can start using the card today for purchases. After you receive your card in the mail, you can use the card for Whole Foods Market purchases.

Amazon Rewards Visa Cardmembers with an eligible Prime membership earn 5% back at Whole Foods Market simply by using the card for purchases. Similarly, all other Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cardmembers earn 3% back with Whole Foods Market purchases using the card.

To verify whether your card account earns 3% or 5% Back on Whole Foods Market and purchases, sign in to your account and follow these steps:

1) Go to Your Account and click Manage Payment Options
2) Expand the details of your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card to see how much you are earning on and Whole Foods Market purchases

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Amazon Announces 5% Rebate when Using Amazon Visa at Whole Foods

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