How to Search for and Find a Specific Amazon Review

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Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the holidays in general, tis the season for online shopping. Have you ever read an Amazon review, and then later searched for that same review, only to not be able to find it? Frustrating, isn’t it? Here’s how to search for a particular review on Amazon. We’re going to use a review for the Instant Pot on Amazon in our example, but these instructions for how to find a certain review on Amazon work for any review for any product.

How to Search for and Find a Specific Review on Amazon

First, find the product for which you want to find the particular review. For this example we are looking for a particular review for the Instant Pot electronic pressure cooker. We know that we saw a review that had a lot of great info in it, but all we can remember from it is the humorous line about the chalk outlines of a ‘bean murder scene’. So, we search for ‘Instant Pot’.


Search for Product on Amazon – In this Example ‘Instant Pot’
search amazon reviews instant pot


Go to Product Listing on Amazon
how to find amazon review instant pot


Next, go to the product page, and go all the way down to where it says “see all {number} reviews”.

Product Page
instant pot on amazon


Go All the Way Down to Bottom of Reviews
find certain review on Amazon


‘See all 28,376 reviews’
see all reviews


Click on that link, and it takes you to the ‘all reviews’ page for the product.

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How to Search for and Find a Specific Amazon Review

search box for reviews


Notice the search box towards the bottom of the page, and the various sorting and filter options which we have highlighted – you will select your options (if any) before hitting the search button.

how to search for particular amazon review



amazon instant pot review tiny bean murder scene


Here’s the search term found in the review:

tiny bean murder scene amazon instant pot review


Oh, wait, *this* is actually the final note: the stainless steel inner pot can take a real beating, and cleans up just fine..BUT…after the first use or so (it was after my first use) you will see little “stains” (not sure what else to call them) and, if you are anything like me, you will think “Oh no! I have ruined the beauty of this pot! How can I fix it?” It turns out that this is *very* normal (at least the ‘staining’, not sure about my reaction being normal :-) ). In my case I had made beans, and my pot now still bears the “imprints” of beans, even though it is completely’s sort of like the chalk outlines from a little bean murder scene. ;-) I’m in an Instant Pot forum on Facebook where many IP cookbook authors are members (including JL Fields and Jill Nussinow) and they have all said that this is perfectly normal and just what happens (in fact they said it in response to my “Oh no, I’ve ruined my beautiful pot” post).


We hope that this how-to tip helps to save you as much time and frustration as it has us!

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How to Search for and Find a Specific Amazon Review

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