How to Turn Off or Cancel Auto Renewal of Domains at GoDaddy

turn off godaddy autorenew
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If you have domains registered with GoDaddy, you may find that somehow ‘auto renewal’ of your domains has been magically turned on, and you may want to turn off auto renew for your domains. Figuring out how to cancel auto renewal of your GoDaddy domains is not straight-forward, even though it’s not difficult once you know how, so here is how to turn off autorenewal of domains at GoDaddy.

Many people have found that auto-renewal of domains is turned on by default at GoDaddy, even though they never wanted it to be on. In fact it may be that you didn’t even realize that auto-renewal of your domains was on at GoDaddy until you got the notice of your domain being automatically renewed.

Now, there are good reasons to have your domains auto-renew, but there are also good reasons not to. Typically, in our experience, the more domains you own, the less likely you are to want to have auto-renew turned on.

In any event, you are probably reading this article because you want to know how to turn off auto-renew of your domains at GoDaddy, so here you go!

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How to Turn Off Auto Renewal of Your Domains at GoDaddy

First, log in to your GoDaddy account.

Now, click on the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner next to your name…

godaddy account settings-1


And select ‘Account Settings’.

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godaddy account settings


See, you might think that you would select “My Renewals”, right? But noooooo….

From the Account Settings area, select ‘Renewals & Billing’.

how to turn off auto renew godaddy


Now you will see a list of all of your domains, as well as any other GoDaddy products that you have, along with a row of buttons at the top that say Renewal, Auto Renewal On, Cancel Renewal, and Update Payment.

This is where it gets a bit confusing, because there is no “auto renewal off” button.

turn off godaddy autorenew


Instead, you have to use the ‘Cancel Renewal’ button, which may sound a bit scary, as if you are giving up the domain, but it’s actually the button that you use to cancel auto renewal.

So, select the domains for which you want to cancel auto renewal, or just hit ‘Select All, if you want to turn it off for all domains and products.

godaddy select all


Domain for which we want to turn auto-renew off is selected:

domain selected to turn off auto renewal godaddy


Click on ‘Cancel Renewal’…

godaddy cancel renewal


And auto renewal will be turned off!

no auto renewal godaddy


Now to be clear, where in this example it now says “Cancels 08/10/2017”, what that actually means is that it expires on 08/10/2017, unless we manually renew it. Which is how all domains work if you don’t have them set to auto-renew.


canceling go daddy renual
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