FCC Investigating CenturyLink Outage – Says “Unacceptable”

Yesterday we reported on the nationwide CenturyLink outage – an outage which is still going on in many parts of the country, more than 24 hours later. We also reported that as a result of this outage, many 911 emergency services were and are unreachable. Now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is investigating the CenturyLink outage, calling the breadth and duration of it “unacceptable”.

Scientists Say Much of U.S. Internet in Serious Jeopardy from Rising Sea Levels

Computer scientists at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Oregon have determined that the United States’ Internet infrastructure is at serious risk of being flooded owing to the rising sea levels. According to Paul Barford (UW) and Ramakrishnan Durairajan (UO), this is because much of the land-based underground fiber optic cabling through which the Internet is carried is in shallow underground trenches along the coasts.

As Battle Over Net Neutrality Intensifies Here’s What You Need to Know

As the frenzy over the FCC’s December 14, 2017 vote on whether to repeal the Open Internet Order (OIO), which is being equated to the end of Net Neutrality, reaches a fevered pitch, here’s what the average Internet user needs to know. In our view, the furor over the possible (some say inevitable) repeal is akin to the Y2K hysteria, and the actual outcome probably just as anticlimactic. The sky is not going to fall.

How to Turn Off or Cancel Auto Renewal of Domains at GoDaddy

If you have domains registered with GoDaddy, you may find that somehow ‘auto renewal’ of your domains has been magically turned on, and you may want to turn off autorenew for your domains. Figuring out how to cancel autorenewal of your GoDaddy domains is not straight-forward, even though it’s not difficult once you know how, so here is how to turn off auto-renewal of domains at GoDaddy

Verizon Acquires Yahoo and Apparently It’s Worth It – Here’s Why

Verizon and Yahoo have been sleeping with each other in one way or another since at least 2005 (when the domain verizon.yahoo.com was launched), but now Verizon is finally going to make an honest woman of Yahoo. Yesterday it was announced that Verizon has acquired Yahoo for $4.83 billion. Now we just need to agree on what the Hollywood-style name for the new couple should be – should it be Veriz-hoo or Yahoozon?

What’s the Big Deal about the Starry Internet Device? Not Much. At Least Not Yet.

If you run in certain circles, you may be hearing people swooning over the Starry Wireless Internet appliance and service. “Starry is a radical new Internet service!” “The Starry router requires no cable, no contract, no technician.” Starry “will revolutionize how we connect to the internet.” “When you move, you just take it with you!” Not so much, at least not yet.

The Best Free Online PDF to Text Converter

We often have occasion to need to OCR a PDF to convert it to text, and we believe that we have found the best online PDF to text converter out there. Whether you need an online PDF to Word converter, a PDF to doc or docx converter, or even a PDF to Excel converter, this online PDF converter will do it, and best of all, if your document is short, it’s free! And, they support 46 languages! Here’s our review.

Why the U.S. is Concerned about Russian Submarine Activity near Undersea Internet Cables

The United States is worrying about something that they consider a new Russian threat: increased Russan submarine activity around the undersea fiber optic cables that carry Internet communications, and the potential that those submarine cables could be severed, crippling U.S. Internet operations. Whether you see this as promoting Russia as a bogeyman, or a real possibility, the reality is that history has demonstrated that undersea Internet cables can be cut, and that it wreaks havoc.

How Will the Comcast Time Warner Merger Affect Me?

The Borg are the dreaded, unstoppable enemy that was introduced to us first in Star Trek: The Next Generation. And of course many are familiar with Jeri Ryan’s Borg character, Seven of Nine as she appeared in Star Trek Voyager. The concept of the Borg, what made them so scary, was that they were basically all consuming and couldn’t be stopped. They took new technology and assimilated it into their “collective.” And what was considered inferior was discarded or otherwise ignored.

The Copyright Alert System – What it Means for You

You may have heard recently about the ‘Copyright Alert System’, or “CAS” (also being called the “Six Strikes” system. This is the ‘6 strikes’ system that was proposed by the RIAA as a new way for Internet service providers (ISPs) to help combat the illegal downloading of copyrighted materials such as movies and music. Did you catch that? Your ISP is getting involved in the fight to keep you from downloading illegal content.

Free Wi-Fi in New York City Courtesy of Google

We first reported that Google was aiming to provide free public wifi Internet access to the world over seven years ago, and they kicked off that goal by offering free wi-fi to Mountain View, and now they’ve announced that the area of Chelsea in New York City is the latest recipient of free Google wifi as they do their part to grow Manhattan’s Silicon Alley.