Amazon Home Services – Is it an Angie’s List Killer? Quite Possibly

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Last year Amazon announced their Amazon Home Services (called by some Amazon House Services, as it’s for services around the house), and they have just announced that in less than a year they have covered more than 90% of the U.S., meaning that you can use Amazon’s competitor to Angie’s List no matter where you are (almost).

While Amazon Home Services were first rolled out in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose and Washington D.C, Amazon Home services are now available in over 40,000 zip codes.

Says Amazon Home Services spokesperson Erika Takeuchi, “We’re really excited about the growth we’ve seen in the past year. When we first started, customers were already looking for services and buying things that needed servicing, like a faucet or garbage disposal, so it made sense for us to take the 20 years of marketplace experience we had and bring it to professional services.”


Given that Takeuchi mentions faucets, that seems like a great example to explain how Amazon Home Services works. So, let’s say that you need a faucet installation, which you can have done through Amazon Home Services at

First, you will enter your zip code to make sure that it is one of the 40,000 zip codes in which Amazon presently offers home services:

amazon home services confirm location



Assuming that Amazon Home Services has a contractor in your area, as soon as you submit your zip code you will receive an estimate for the work you want done.

amazon home services faucet replacement estimate new york city


A faucet replacement in New York City for under $100? Cuh-ray-zee!

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Amazon Home Services – Is it an Angie’s List Killer? Quite Possibly

Now, of course, that’s just an estimate, but, says Amazon, “Pros base their estimates on a standard scope of work, and 9 out of 10 customers see no change in the final pricing.”

amazon home services estimates


In addition to home improvement services, you can find house cleaning, yard and gardening services, computer and electronic services, furniture assembly, and many other services – including, of course, goats to eat your weeds.

The advantage of Amazon Home Services, says Amazon, is that you can “Browse popular, pre-packaged services that have up-front prices from handpicked pros and add the one you want right to your cart. Schedule directly on Amazon and your account gets charged when the service is completed.”

While Amazon Home Services is taking on Angie’s List, their process is also a bit different. Angie’s List is driven by customer reviews, whereas Amazon themselves are vetting the contractors that sign up to be part of Amazon Home Services.

“All pros are background-checked and insured. We also require pros to maintain any necessary professional licenses and certifications and to uphold a strong track record,” says Amazon.

Moreover, Amazon says that “We stand behind every service with our Happiness Guarantee. If you are not satisfied at the end of your service, let us know and we’ll work with you to fix it.”

But of course, one of Amazon’s main strength is their customer review system, and while Amazon vets their contractors, they still let customers review them as well.

amazon home services customer reviews


amazon home services customer reviews-1


And it’s this, more than anything, which may prove to be the Angie’s List killer. Because to even see reviews on Angie’s List, you have to join, which costs money. On the other hand, anybody can check out the reviews for an Amazon Home Services contractor, just like they can read reviews for a book, an appliance, or anything else that’s available on Amazon.

Plus, Amazon has a loyal customer base of at least 244million (as of 2014), and Amazon already has all of their payment details, making the ease of payment very appealing (you pay for your Home Service just like you would that book or anything else you order on Amazon, which will appeal to a lot of people who don’t want to have to deal with paying a contractor directly, plus we think it’s kind of cute that you add your contractor to your cart).

If you’ve used Amazon Home Services, let us know how it went!

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Amazon Home Services – Is it an Angie’s List Killer? Quite Possibly

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