T-Mobile Sidekick in no Danger as Network Outage Frustrates Customers

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T-Mobile Sidekick users across the country are suffering a Danger network outage which is leaving their Sidekicks unable to communicate across the Danger data network, rendering the T-Mobile Sidekicks just glorified T-Mobile telephones. The Danger network outage, which started yesterday, shows no signs of letting up as one day has turned into two, with a third day looming on the horizon.

The Sidekick is a combination device, being both a cell phone serviced by T-Mobile, and a portable Internet device provisioned by the Danger data network. Danger data services include email, web browsing, and an AOL Instant Messenger client. As of this writing, none of the Danger data services are working (and I should know, because I use one almost constantly herself, and has been without her Danger connection on her own Sidekick since yesterday morning – colour me frustrated!)

The number of unhappy T-Mobile Sidekick customers is growing as the Danger network outage endures, with a groundswell of complaints being posted to Internet forums across the country. Said one disgruntled customer, “I’m going on 48 hours down-time. I use this device as a primary mail client. Not having it is killing me. I pay for QoS (quality of service), and expect it.”

Apparently expecting it is not enough. Indeed, this is the second such outage in as many weeks for many.

In addition to the network outages, Danger and T-Mobile have recently been dealing with the repercussions of a long-lived hacking attack which lead to the posting on the Internet of sensitive information hacked from Paris Hilton’s Sidekick, and more recently the posting on the Internet of a sex video of Fred Durst posted by someone calling themselves the “T-Mobile Terrorist” (although the video itself likely came from Durst’s own computer, not a T-Mobile Sidekick account.

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19 thoughts on “T-Mobile Sidekick in no Danger as Network Outage Frustrates Customers

  1. hey!! lucky here! m using sidekick LX 2009 in india.. i brought it here in jaunuary 2011.. u wont believe, i was using its internet services (through applications like messengers, facebook ) but not the web access.. i was hapi wid dat much as it was fulfilling my purpose but when 4g was launched, it moved a crap.. i luv dis fone n m not goin to throw it away.. i wish some genius hackers gonna fix it for sure so dat internet can also b accessed.. m waiting for such persons.. if any 1 knows any such genius freak, m ready to buy the software online and can pay upto $100

  2. I just buyed a sidekick LX 09 and got a prepaid sim card for it, and it has the Waiting for activation screen, But i cant connect to no network so i cant start using the phone, i dont know if its the phone or the service?

  3. I hate this phone now they should re call all of them and give us new phones.I want to leave t-mobile I hate this company

  4. well let’s see, my phone randomly got a pic of a side kick with x eyes, and did this during the outage so poof everything went away. the replacement had none of my paid for apps, and the battery screwed up so they sent me a replacement. then the phone got x eyes again. they sent me another phone so this is 3 in a year…plus a battery. i got my contacts back but notes, apps, download catalog and my intellisync program for outlook doesn’t work still. if intellisync worked my phone would have my notes! I am told by tmobile the only thing i can do is pay out 200 dollars to break contract. total bunk!!!!

  5. Saturday Night my phone turned itself off and wouldn’t turn on for 12 hours. By the time it eventually turned back on EVERYTHING on the phone was erased. I talked to a WICKED rude person at tmobile on Sunday morning who basically told me the same thing they kept telling me. So I hung up (rude I know, but THEY are being ruder), when I called back an hour later I talked to nice people who said they would give me some awesome deals for low low monthly talk prices. But I was totally done with them. Went out and bought the iphone that day. BUT, here’s the good news, when I called them back on Tuesday to say I was leaving them, they FINALLY waived the cancellation fee!! I am SO happy about that. I was just SO fed up with them. I am happy to be done with them now. Good luck to everyone else!!

  6. So apparently this problem was all fixed. #1) first i had no interent 2) then i had no photos 3) then i had no notes 4) and they refunded me for this month and they told me that the problem was fixed. 2 days after the mess is over. I lost all of my contacts and now thwir telling me i can never get it back. That is beyond bullshit.

  7. Sorry to say everyone… just talked to tmobile and nobody is getting anything back…. it is gone. Sorry is all I got DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH TMOBILE

  8. Im tired of this shit! I been with out my phone for 2weeks now!. I have no contacts but my sim card contacts!. And i cant see whoss texting me!!!. I not even using this phone anymore!. Im feed! Up!. Needs to be fixed fast! Yall losing alot of pissed customrs

  9. i am so irritated by this whole thing. i just want to be done with tmobile. i have been wondering if this BS voids my contract? i would like to end my contract and NOT pay the cancellation fee. thoughts?

  10. i absolutely hate tmobile . ive been without my sidekick for like 4 dayss , i have 0 contacts and have no way to go on the web . the only thing im able to do is call , and this is only sometimes .

  11. This crap sucks…have no contacts cant get on aim … its wierd my interent still works but is really slow… cant stand this dont know whos texting…Tmobile need to fix this not now..but right noww…have called 611 and they dont know wats going on….WHy the hell you work there then ?????? aint that yoo job ****…thats all i gotta sayy

  12. Okay, so it’s Monday, had 2 dots since Friday. I was able to make phone calls 3 days ago…now…NOTHING. Lost all contacts, and if anyone is like me I don’t remember any of the numbers I dial with letters. Tried calling T-mobile and was left on hold for over and hour. WTF!!!!

  13. Been without data since friday morning took phone to T-mobile and nobody there knew about outage and took the battery out of my phone. no i have no contacts. Pissing me off quick.and they told me that sidekicks are junk to buy a new phone. helpful shit there

  14. WOW this still happening been like 2 days n still stuck on 2 dots . . . anyone know when network gonna be restored?

  15. This is bullshit. I, not only have been through 3 different sidekicks in the past month, but now my data services have been down for days… this is just ridiculous. I can’t even access my phone book contacts. After this I’m done with t-mobile. I’m selling all 3 sidekicks on ebay now, paying the 200 to cancel my contract and switching providers.

  16. It’s happening again! wtf!! I bought this phone because I want to have the internet- if I don’t what’s the point of this expensive phone? Ugh…I’m so frustrated!

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