Paris Hilton’s Sidekick Hacked – Data Posted to Internet

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Yes, it’s true. During the time that the Tmobile system supporting the Tmobile Sidekick was hacked by Nicholas Lee Jacobsen, who just pleaded guilty for the Tmobile hacking, one of the accounts to which he had access was none other than Paris Hilton’s Sidekick account.

And somehow, the alleged real data from that account, including all of the email addresses and telephone numbers in her address book, and all of the photos from her Sidekick’s camera, found their way online, and were ultimately posted on a website called

I’ve confirmed this by visiting the site myself just today. And while I would not ordinarily post the URL of such a site, on the off chance that it was actually Hilton’s real (and private) data, the site is now down, so I can tell you, without fear of compromising Miss Hilton’s privacy, that the information had been posted to the Watson Brothers website.

The burning question was whether the data was genuine, or a clever stunt created by the owners of, or even someone else.

According to the Drudge report, the data was genuine, the FBI is investigating, and some of the celebrity phone numbers posted have been confirmed. The Drudge report has one of the celebrities whose number was posted from Hilton’s Tmobile Sidekick hacked address book as saying “I gave her my number after we met in Miami, I did not know she f**king kept it on her cellphone!”

Still, it’s a bit unfair to blame Miss Hilton, who is, at least this time, truly as much a victim as anyone else into whose account Jacobsen hacked, including the Secret Service agent who was, at the time, investigating the very hacking to which he fell victim.

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17 thoughts on “Paris Hilton’s Sidekick Hacked – Data Posted to Internet

  1. hey i met Paris and this isint shit my name is Casey (not giving last name) Iv done a few comercials but i was in LA for auditions and i ran into her i guessed she was okay with talking to me sence i didint scream omfg Paris Hilton i love you i want your autograph and i tolded her my name and i talked i dont have her number but i do have alot of her friends i met her last year by the way trust me i was so excited to hang out with her concidering im an aspiring actor i was fucking stoked but i didint show it any way it was cool and i talk to her sometimes when im bord online any questions just ask and ill talk

  2. hey can someone plz send me some of the phone numbers or aa website were i can go to get the numbers plz thanx

  3. that was easy..right click and save as then open using winrar. dont you lamers know ANYTHING? are all americans this dumb?

  4. I went inside paris at one time. You saw me on the video tape that dumbass slut recorded.

  5. this is paris believe it or not, and for all of you trying to mine as well as my friends numbers STOP. the sites my numbers are on are tapped so go ahead, but to let all of you know if i really wanted to talk to anyone who wants my number i’d call them

  6. every site i try to find the numbers is down now…are there any actual sites left?

  7. winrar. lol to open the file.. ( i wouldnt though.. prolly the FbI has it being watched.. but go ahead. dL it and watch them knock at your door the next day HAHAHAHAHAAHHA )
    i had all these.. hahaha she got her shit owned.

    the pics are nice too some naked shots and all. gotta love the interenet now a days !
    bunch of numbers too like 188 ish or so or 168 i forgot.

  8. err… the site isn’t exactly down, just archived –

  9. FYI the information supposedly not available at The Drudge Report anymore is all over the place elsewhere. I’ve already run into it in at least three other places, complete with numbers, pictures, and everything.

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